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Is Israel’s PM looking to Be Friend with Pakistan?

Israel’s PM, Benjamin Netanyahu has elaborated the nature of his country’s relations with Pakistan during his visit to India.

According to media reports, Israel’s PM has stated that Israel is not Pakistan’s enemy and so Pakistan should also not be an enemy.

Israel’s PM Statement about Pakistan

Israel PM’s remarked about his relationship with Pakistan in response to a question about Pakistan’s statement on his visit to India.

He also clarified his economic nature of relations with India. In his statement, he also mentioned the field of cooperation between India and Israel. He stated that the mutual relationship between both countries aimed at achieving the security and prosperity of people, better health, clean water, cleaner air, and better crop yield. He also highlighted that such cooperation between these two countries was purely for economic purposes and not for military purposes.

Pak-Israel Relations

Both Pakistan and Israel share common grounds for being ideological states. Perhaps, this is the very nature of these ideologies that has given birth to the deteriorating relationship between both the countries. In the case of the statement by Israel’s PM for Pakistan not being an enemy, it is necessary to analyze the present context. Nations of the world including the UK have widely condemned the US President’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  In such a context, it is crucial for Israel to improve the nature of the relationship with different countries. But in the case of Pakistan, it seems to be difficult unless or until Israel discontinues its atrocities on Palestinian people.

Israel's PM

According to media reports, during his visit to India, Israel’s PM has also highlighted the state of better relations with other countries of the Middle East. Greater cooperation between Muslim nations of the Middle East and Israel doesn’t justify the country’s stance on Palestine. The countries in the region are already divided due to a conflict that surged in part after the so-called Arab Spring.

Israel’s Shift from Military to Economic Policies

Recently reports emerged about Israel’s defense minister seeking an increase in defense budget, but Treasury didn’t approve it. The reports suggested Israel was investing more in infrastructure, transport, and public health. Statement of Israel’s PM regarding his country’s economic nature of the relationship with India also points out that the state might be interested in increasing association on purely economic grounds. But such allusion reflecting in budgetary policies and statements of the Israeli Premier doesn’t guarantee any solution for the issue of Palestine.

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