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Ivanka Trump Faces Backlash For Camp Out In Corona Outbreak Tweet

American President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump has faced serious criticism on her “camp out” in coronavirus outbreak  tweet. She shared the picture of her son in lap and daughter playing in a self-built bed sheet fort in living room and advised other families to do the same on social media.  

According to media reports, Ivanka Trump quarantined herself after meeting with Australian home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, who later tested positive for COVID-19.  

Ivanka had decided to stay at home on the advice of Anthony Stephen Fauci an American immunologist.

Ivanka Trump “camp out” a Tone-deaf Response on Corona Outbreak

The family photo met severe criticism for being considered as tone-deaf on the crisis Americans and the world are facing. This photo came out when parents were worried about their childrn’s  health and trying to find child care centers during corona lock down.

Democrat for US Congress VA Qasim Rashid on twitter asked Ivanka Trump about 32M people of America who are sick and starved and have nowhere to go during closing down.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar criticized and told Ivanka Trump to find the way to reunite children and parents from detention center.

Chris Lu Former Obama WH Cabinet Secretary stated facts to tell Ivanka Trump what real parents are doing.

Columnist Mehdi Hasan also questioned Ivanka about the children in detention centers.

Jamie Schler lifesafeast Writer congratuled Ivanka Trump on being rich and having no risk of losing job or business. She also pointed toward the people who were starving and couldn’t think of such camp out opportunities amidst coronavirus outbreak.

She also asked people to support local businesses who risked going bankrupt

Congressional Candidate Anthony Clark criticized her because families were being ripped apart, not being brought together.

Author of Alec MacGillis asked if the refugee camps were okay.

Lauren Hough Writer at laurenthehough considered it wass all because of her father

Civil-rights champion Andrew Wortman criticized Ivanka Trump for  not being enough qualified to work for government

Host of the #StartMeUp podcast Kimberley Johnson pointed towards the large number of people in detention.

Autumn Tolbert Political Columnist told people to not take parenting advice from Ivanka Trump.

People also took this opportunity to point out the failure of US Government on finding the vaccines.

She also faced criticism about U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities.

There was no end to the questions folk were posing regarding immigrant detention camps.

The alternate games folks were sharing were just equal to showing Ivanka Trump the face of reality.

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