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Jaaved Jaaferi Slams Hate Mongers and Hate Speech Propagators

The cool minded Jaaved Jaaferi has finally snapped at some of his trolls who have gone too far in levels of hate. Due to his speeches on harmony in religions, he has earned much appraisal but also few enemies. After assuming he is an extremist, some official extremist groups have been saying mean words to him. Here is one of the comical speeches that ignited hate rather than laughter.

He is normally a calm person and stays away from trolls but this time a doctored screenshot caught his attention and he could not stay quiet. He is yet another person making an effort to send an important message for people.

A Screenshot Claiming that Jaaved Jafferi Hated On Some Indian Group

A fake screenshot was circling social media that was said to be from Jaaved Jaaferi’s twitter account.

 It is written in the devanagari script, in which the context was that Jaaferi accused some Hindu group for being extremist. This screenshot was perceived as real by some people in India. If looked carefully, the picture does not seem to clarify that the wording is typed on Twitter’s platform. It does not even indicate the date and time of post which is unusual for a tweet. Therefore once again, some people could not differentiate between the misinformation and facts.

Misinformation Ignited The Hindu-Muslim Hate

This led Jaaved Jaaferi to express his disappointment on the rate in which hate spreads in India. The unredeemable hate comes up as the underlying reason for people to trust misinformation. The groups that continue to spread this misinformation have been successful is disrupting the Hindu-Muslim harmony. Extremists from both religions have been very active on social media to encourage hatred. This screenshot was one of the products of this hatred. Social media being a hotbed of fake news also acts as a source to spread hatred and bigotry.

The response from Jaaferi was recorded in a video message where he named the major twitter accounts that were highly active in trolling and spreading hateful misinformation; a dangerous combination for the corruptible mind. Jaaferi has displayed full confidence in his claim and has challenged the trolls to bring evidence for either the screenshot or for their dignity; by apologizing to him. 

Jaaferi also threatens to drag the trolls in court for this defamation attempt. It was a personal attack that is fueled by the hate against color, religion, gender, status, and whatever that separates one human from another.

How Successful is Secularism in India?

Every country is going through the dreadful challenge of coronavirus pandemic. In such times it was expected that everybody would be on the same page because India has always been proud of being a secular state. However, according to the media reports these days, Hindu-Muslim unity might not be possible on some levels. Considering the biggest display of human rights violation that happened in Delhi a few months ago. 

There are 3000 castes and 25000 subcastes in India, the unity and brotherhood is limited. Many people do not even accept that they are a secular state and they have to live in harmony in order to promote global peace. But, there are things more important to them than global peace. Most people are confined to their comfort zone and feel threatened if something is different. So when a country like this claims to be secular, it sounds hilarious. That is why Jaaved Jaaferi constantly warns the viewers to stay wary of people who spread misinformation and hate.

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