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Is Jack Ma Really Back After his Mysterious Disappearance?

Reportedly, Jack ma, a well-known personality who also happens to be the founder of an e-commerce company, Alibaba, suddenly appeared after two months of disappearance. He was out of sight since November and hadn’t made any public appearance since then. However, according to news outlets, the Chinese billionaire addressed the public via an online video and ended the chain of skeptical comments and questions regarding why he was not around for two months. 

What Had happened to Jack Ma?  

As per different public views, when Jack Ma disappeared, the curiosity among people pointed towards the Chinese Government since the billionaire raised a voice against it. He gave a speech on October 24, 2020, in which he criticized the authorities. Thus, many started wondering if the Chinese communist party (CCP) had something to do with his disappearance. 

Afterward, a wave of questions flooded China inquiring about where the tech company owner was. Furthermore, people started discussing how Jack Ma suddenly faced massive loss in terms of finance and business after questioning the Chinese government’s regulatory system.

Where was Chinese Billionaire Ma?  

As per media reports, Alibaba’s founder was present at the philanthropic event in rural China where he was witnessed talking to teachers. The Chinese local media aired the video of his presence at the event; however, it did not disclose anything regarding his sudden disappearance.  

Why Did Public Blame The Chinese Authorities? 

This was not the first time that the Chinese authorities were blamed for a sinister act. Before the whole scenario based on the vanishing of Jack Ma, a Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan was arrested because she broke the news about coronavirus in China. As per the government, she was causing chaos which became the reason behind her sentencing. 

In the light of such an event and the case concerning Jack Ma, many raised questions on how the authoritative approach was taken by the country are nullifying the freedom of expression and speech. Consequently, when Jack was out of sight for a couple of months, numerous entities pointed in the direction of Chinese ruling personalities.  

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