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Jack o Lantern Clipart Black and White

Western culture owes a lot to the famous myth of Jack’s soul roaming the Earth with a Pumpkin lantern in hand. The Irish fairytale has acted as an inspiration for so many festivities, starting from the Jack of Lantern costumes to the clipart.

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Let’s have a look at the latest trend inspired by the story of Jack.

Jack O Lantern Clip-art Black and White

Jack of Lantern art has remained one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas in 2017. Carving out the pumpkins into large shapes and keeping a candle or glowing bulb inside it, is a common practice on Halloween. But, the latest trend shows that Jack of Lantern art has not remained something exclusive to asking for a trick or a treat. The phenomenon is rapidly making its way to the black and white clipart.

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Just have a look at few common Jack of lantern clipart in black and white.

Lantern Clipart for Halloween

There are innumerable ways to carve out pumpkin into a Jack O Lantern art for the particular eve of Halloween. One can practice with shapes as well as painting of dark red, black, orange and maroon colors. But Jack O Lantern clipart in black and white is the real test of creativity.

Just have a look at this lantern clipart that seems to be perfect for Christmas as well as Halloween. So, use of black and white art makes a specific phenomenon fit for all purposes.

Lantern Clipart

Halloween Cat

Jack O Lantern clipart doesn’t merely contain a pumpkin carved out into monstrous shapes. One can experiment with different figures of animals, cartoons, objects and even natural scenes to make a perfect piece of art.

Jack O Lantern with Mickey Mouse

Here comes a perfect treat for the kids in the form of Jack O Lantern Mickey Mouse. This Mickey Mouse going mischievous with the pumpkin is perfect lantern clipart. For kids, the shape is worth pasting on side pages of notebooks and other places, etc.

A Happy Jack O Lantern Clipart

As mentioned above, the Jack O Lantern clipart is not something necessarily associated with roaming spirits and frightening monsters. It has just become an icon of celebrating festive. Like, this art shows a smiling pumpkin with a Santa Clause hat on his head. One can change this piece by doing different creative variations and adapting it according to the theme of a particular event.

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