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Jaguar Land Rover Will Manufacture its Electric Cars in the UK

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced that it will manufacture its electric XJ car series in its Castle Bromwich plant. The British car manufacturer has spent close to one billion pounds to make the necessary changes need to transform the plant to accommodate the manufacturing process.

Jaguar Land Rover Will Manufacture Its Electric Cars at Bromwich

It seems that progress in certain areas is being made despite the deplorable condition in which British politics is. While talking to the media, the CEO of JLR Prof Ralf Speth stated that electric cars were the future of the automotive industry as they had zero emissions.  Being a visionary British company, they committed to the zero-emission vision of our government. So we have decided to make these are here in the UK.

Many car manufacturers are bringing their electric vehicles in market. Companies like Toyota have also introduced hybrid vehicles to compete with likes of Tesla.

By making this move close to 2,700 jobs will get secured.

Contrary to the company’s initial announcement that if Brexit is to occur, the company will have to move its operation elsewhere as it does not favor it.

Business Experts View On The Matter

According to business and economic experts, the sole reason why the company chose to stay in Bromwich is because it’s the perfect breeding grounds for manufacturing such cars. It already has a strong foothold in electrical technology, and there’s plenty of research opportunities provided by the universities.

And if the investment hadn’t gone through the Castle Bromwich plant would have gotten shut down For now, it’s unclear when precisely the battery version of the XJ car will be introduced, but other models that run on petrol or diesel will be stopped soon.

We Welcome the Change

Over the years, people in the UK and other parts of the world have gained more awareness regarding the effects of carbon emissions on the environment and health. Various campaigns have been started to force the government to introduce more environmental friendly rules. For those campaigners, especially the ones in the UK this is, but still, a long road ahead.

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