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These Jahangir Tareen Memes Are Making Everyone Laugh Out Loud

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) the political party led by Imran Khan has emerged a winner in General Elections 2018. The party has bagged 116 seats of National Assembly, but it has failed to achieve the simple majority of 137 seats, which is required for it to form the government. PTI’s Jahangir Tareen is dedicatedly working on his mission to bring independent candidates into the party’s fold so to enable it to make the government in the center. The social media brigade is using the opportunity to come up with Jahangir Tareen memes that hilariously describe the situation.

Rib-Tickling Jahangir Tareen Memes

Here are few of the funniest Jahangir Tareen memes that prove how this political maneuvering can turn into an absolute entertainment.

They are comparing Jahangir Tareen to Arshad Warsi in Munna Bhai MBBS. So, Tareen is the circuit, and Imran Khan is the ‘Bhai’ here.

Jahangir Tareen Memes from Bollywood Scenes

Twitterati has turned this famous dialogue from Bollywood epic Sholay into one of the most funniest Jahangir Tareen Memes.

On Relationship Goals

Jahangir Tareen’s hunt for independents is making social media users set the new relationship goals.

A Bit of Criticism

This sarcasm intended meme that takes a jibe at the fact that PTI is also following its predecessors.

In his victory speech, Imran Khan has talked about making Pakistan a welfare state like Madina.

This Epic Bol Scene

Is this man buying the candidates so that PTI can make government in center and Punjab?

And, this massive collection of Jahangir Tareen memes says it all about the disqualified politician’s efforts to help PTI make government in the center.

Critics are bashing PTI for making alliances with winning candidates of the extremist parties. But, the party is justifying it on the grounds of its need to form a government to fulfill its promise of bringing reforms.

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