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Who is Jair Bolsonaro- The Newly Elected Brazil President from Far Right

We are living in the era of social media and rise of far right populism. The second decade of twenty first century has witnessed the rise in right wing politics. The recent examples include Donald Trump being Amercian President, Macrom Emmanuel becoming French President, BJP coming to pwer in India, Brexit and the recently elected Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro.

While, researchers and political phiosophers are scratching their heads over what is the cause of rise in right wing sentiments among people of Europe and America, and trying to gauge social media’s impact on shaping voters’ choices, the newly elected Brazilian President can offer them an interesting case study.

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro

On Sunday, 63 years old Jair Bolsonaro became the President of Brazil after securing more than 55% votes. Bolsonaro who is a member of the Social Liberal Party (SLB) will take oath as the 38th President of Brazil on January 1, 2019. Before joining politics, Jair had also served in field artillery and parachutist groups of Brazilian army. It was in 1990 when he first time got elected for the lower chamber of congress.

Bolsonaro As Far Right Politician

During his more than 25 years of being a congressman Bolsonaro had the reputation of being anti-abortion, anti-gay marriages, and a staunch opponent of left. The man is said to be a supporter of dictatorship as well.

The print and electornic media portals came up with headings and sub-headings and beginnings that far right politician who is pro-gun and pro-torture who is also racist, anti-women and doesnt share concerns for climate change.

While, progressive Brazilians were fearful of Jair Bolsonaro’s coming to power, there was no lack of his supporters who celebrated a right wing President’s rise to power and hoped that country will be back on track of development.

Fears of Brazilian People After Bolsonaro’s Presidency

It is interesting to note that Brazil is the world’s fourth largest democracy and one the top 10 countries with easy immigration rules. But, now when a far right politician has ascended to power, the prospects for progressives are gloomy.

Folks are worried that a President who denies climate change just like Trump, who doesnt’t believe in gender equality, he doesnt have tolerance for minorities and who is against gay marriages has come to power. In such circumstances, what kind of prosperity, development and progress they should be expecting.

People were quite open to express their fears regarding new president.

The concern about privatization of Amazon rain forests is real, particularly when United Nations’ report for Climate Change has made shocking revelations and called for an immediate action to contain temperature rise to 1.5 degree celsius.

Is Brazil going to follow Saudi Arabi’a model of dictatorship? If this is what this twitter account in the name of M.B.S wants then it will be really horrifying.

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