People Are Trolling James Corden For His Looks in Cats

James Corden in CATS

The host of Late Late Show James Corden has been starred in a movie musical called CATS and people can’t stop trolling him for his looks. The musical star cast includes  Judi Dench, Jason Derulo Jennifer, Hudson Ian McKellen, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, and Francesca Hayward.

Here’s How People Are Reacting to James Corden’s Character

While fans seem to go ga ga over Top Gun: Maverick trailer they have almost disliked the Cats one.

Over the years, the advancement in technology has allowed producers and directors to produce movies with better visuals effects, or shall we say to augment reality with high accuracy. It has allowed viewers to experience sci-fi and fantasy movies on a whole new scale.

Like all technologies have a backlash of some sort, so do these visuals effect technologies. Its seems that James Corden has become a victim of this technology. After looking at James’s appearance in the movie people feel he looks like the evil twin of the cat in the hat.

James Corden’s look is such objectionable that people may not like watching the movie only because of him.

Stop Casting Him

Some people are so annoyed by his acting skills that they are requesting Hollywood producers and directors to stop casting him in any of their work at all.

The recent use of CGI in old classic movies has, at times ruined films completely. As if the excessive use of CGI wasn’t enough casting the talk show host is nothing but adding salt to wounds.

Making People Become Numb and Call a Therapist

The appearance of James’s characters is the type of terrifying face a person sees when he’s is suffering from sleep paralysis.

After watching the film’s trailer, people have been calling their therapist and are requesting an immediate appointment. They are traumatized by what they have watched and feel like needing years’ worth of therapy to recover in order to retain their conscious.