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Moral Policing in Punjab University Lahore- IJT Members Beat Student’s Husband

Moral Policing at Punjab University Lahore by IJT (Islamic Jamiat-e-Talaba is no stranger. In a recent incident, students who allegedly belonged to IJT thrashed a student’s husband. Awais Rind, who is reportedly a student of Punjab University, was there with his wife when Jamiat members spotted the couple together and beat the guy.

Beating A Student’s Husband in Punjab University Lahore

In a video that later began circulating on social media, a female student can be heard dissuading and stopping the guys from beating her husband. She can be heard saying, “who the hell they are. He is my husband.”

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Ghulam Sarwar took notice of the incident. In his tweet, he talked about issuing the directives to authorities for taking action. He also stressed upon the fact that educational institutions are the place of knowledge and not of hooliganism.

Later, Punjab University Lahore administration suspended five students involved in this incident.

Reaction on Social Media

The video of Jamiat guys hitting Punjab University Lahore student’s husband sparked an outrage among the social media users. Twitterati lambasted Jamiat for making the campus a hostage and making the life difficult for students through moral policing.

While sharing this video critic highlighted how Jamiat was successful in maintaining her hegemony in campuses despite a ban on student unions and how it was controlling major the University of Punjab and its policies.

Even Punjab University Lahore students were asking why Jamiat was allowed to exercise its control on campuses against a ban.

They asked what if a student’s father goes to pick their daghter and these goons start beathing him up.

Folks also shared the story when Imran Khan was manhandled by Jamiat goons a few years back and it showed how the student wing of Pakistan’s conservative party Jamat-e-Islami expresses its dissent and treats those whom it considers against its ideology.

The clash between IJT and nationlaist students organizations in Punjab University Lahore is not a new thing. It is quite often for these opposing organization to have fall out for various purposes. The issue is when there are no opposing outfits at loggerhads with each other, Jamiat still manages to create chaos or disruption. Campuses are a place of learning and exchanging ideas. But Punjab University Lahore, which is one of the most prestigious institutions of Pakistan, doesnt seem well versed in this tradition as conservative student outfits continue to curb freedom in the name of moral policing.

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