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Jane Campion Comment on Williams Sisters Stirs Controversy

Jane Campion is making headlines not just for The Power of the Dog but also for her controversial remarks about the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus while giving a winning speech at the Critics Choice Awards (CCA). She was nominated for the best director for the movie ‘The Power of the Dog’. During the speech, she named a few celebrities for appreciation and mentioned Serena and Venus, two professional American tennis players in a comment that wasn’t cheerful for many. The director said, unlike the tennis players, she has competed with men which is a bit tougher. The comment resulted in a backlash against her on social media.

Public Reaction Against Campion for Insulting Williams Sisters

While presenting the speech on the big occasion, the filmmaker addressed Williams sisters and stated in a humoristic way that both of them are marvellous. However, they never went up against guys as she did. Serena clapped at the statement but many others including Venus had a cold reaction. They didn’t appreciate what Jane had said. Social media became flooded with sour comments as people tried to educate the director on her false statement.

Many posted that both tennis players have been through a lot to touch the great level of success and Jane tried to compare herself with them was absolutely gross. They mentioned that the sisters thrived through racism, misogyny, and discrimination to become who they are today. Contrary to this, Jane didn’t have to bear any such thing. Thus, the comparison was entirely uncalled for.

Other than that, several fixated on the achievements of Serena and Venus to show Jane Campion that they have competed with men as well. Both sisters have won several titles including five Olympic ones, they played as a pair for the three of them. Venus Williams is a recognized player for being a seven-time Grand Slam title winner, and Serena Williams on the other hand, is a twenty-three-time Grand Slam title winner. Social media users tried to remind the award-winning director that Williams sisters have achieved much more than she thinks.

Response of Sarena and Venus

Despite the comment which sparked controversies and criticism against Jane Campion, there was no harsh response from the Williams sisters. In fact, the two of them stayed calm and enjoyed what the director had addressed. They even hugged and danced with her at a Netflix event after the Critics Choice Awards. Their response was appreciated by the public since they didn’t pay attention to a rather negative comment. People especially praised Sarena for not paying attention to the controversial statement. This is not the first time the tennis star has become a target of something. A few times back Serena Williams Sketch by Australian Artist stirred a huge debate for being racist and sexist.

Jane Campion Apologizes for Her Comment about Wiliams Sisters

Sooner the news spread on social media and raised outrage from people Director Jane Campion apologized. The filmmaker said that she made a thoughtless comment based on what she does in Hollywood and what they do in the sports world. The director also mentioned that she never wanted to degrade or devalue the Sarena and Venus as they are remarkable black women as well as top-class sportswomen. She stated that both tennis stars have faced men in court and they are an embodiment of excellence for other women in the world. Lastly, she said, “I apologize and completely celebrate you”. 

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