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Jared Kushner Scrutiny Starts in Russian Probe

Jared Kushner scrutiny for Russian information sharing probe comes as a surprise to many. He is the son-in-law of Donald Trump and on a team of one his senior advisers.

Jared Kushner, as authorities believe may have a lot of information related to Trump sharing intel with Russians.

Jared Kushner scrutiny by FBI makes Donald Trump’s family undergo a criminal investigation. There were rumors of a person of interest close to the US President a few days ago.

Intensity of Jared Kushner Scrutiny Differs

Jared Kushner scrutiny differs from those of the people already under investigation in the Russian probe. Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort became subjects of the inquiry. Furthermore, an individual who becomes the subject of an investigation can come into the scope of the grand investigation jury.

Shaky Credentials Add to The Suspicion

Jared Kushner Scrutiny Starts in Russian ProbeThere may be many reasons for Jared Kushner scrutiny by FBI. However, he also lacks designed administration or government experience for his current post. He does not possess any diplomatic credentials. However, he is given the task to resolve the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

The only credentials which seem to be working for him so far are his in-laws. The marriage of Jared Kushner with the US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump gave him access to the government offices.

Kushner, as per media reports did not fill his security clearance forms in December last year. During that time he had meetings with Gorkov and Kislyak. However, his attorney gave an excuse that it was an error. Similarly, White House came to his defense saying the meetings were inconsequential.

Firing of FBI Director

The firing of the FBI Director did change the case dynamics. Now, Robert S. Mueller III, Former FBI Director is investigating the case. He is given clearance by the ethics committee of the Justice Department.

So far, the investigators are aggressively pursuing the matter. Media reports also point to the subpoena for records involving Flynn’s finances and businesses. Mueller is also under investigation for receiving $45,000 to appear at a dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin back in 2015.

The Democratic National Committee came hard on Jared Kushner. They want to revoke the security clearance of Kushner until he is under investigation by FBI. Some reports also suggest the FBI inquiry further adding one more senior staff member of the White House.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues with his foreign trip. It seems there is a lot on Donald Trump’s plate for now then he can chew. The aim of the foreign trip as many political analysts think was to get away from the investigations at home. However, it seems things are not cooling down any soon back in Washington for the US President.

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