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Javed Miandad Criticises Imran Khan and Intends to Join Politics

Legendary batsman Javed Miandad spoke in a video on his YouTube channel about how PM Imran Khan had destroyed Pakistani cricket and the entire nation. On his YouTube Channel, he went on a rant saying Imran Khan was not his captain, in fact, he was his. He used harsh words against Khan for his handling of political affairs in a trivial fashion.

He further implied that he will enter politics and show Imran Khan how politics is done. Many cricket lovers have shared their disappointment on such controversial remarks from a former cricketer against the glorified captain. Moreover, they also debate about why former cricketers think they can run the government.

Javed Miandad Shocks Everyone With Angry Comments

Given the legendary status of Miandad, the chosen verbal language was not appropriate according to the audience who keenly follow cricket and politics. One journalist affirmed his love for the batsman but was disgusted by the tone used by him. He advised that using such language against anyone for YouTube views is unacceptable. Miandad is a legend so must not act like an aggressive teenager who loves to roast people

If Javed Miandad continues this shenanigans on YouTube, he may lose his credibility which he built over the years serving as a Pakistani cricketer. A social media user thinks that Miandad’s personality is limited to being a legendary batsman and he has no business in politics

His long term fans wish he would take his words back and avoid involving in the politics. There are so many glorious moments attributed to Miandad throughout his career, and people want it to stay that way

His Argument Did Not Make Sense To Many

Some things he said were difficult to wrap ones head around. One user mentioned how the invisible force (Pakistani Establishment) would feel after Miandad took credit of appointing Khan as a Minister

A psychology consultant of Pakistani team evaluated Miandad’s mental behavior and detected some anomalies. He felt sad due to the mental condition of former player and advised his friends and family to guide him in the right direction before Pakistani politics gets further complicated by his entry

Why Cricketers Think They Can Be Politicians?

It wasn’t long ago when Shahdi Afridi revealed he wanted to be Prime Minister. Shoaib Akhtar has also expressed interest in politics in the past. Such claims from cricketers were only good for memes as is happening with Javed Miandad.

Politicization has damaged countries let alone the individuals who become politicians. Therefore, it is inevitable that no matter how respectable or honorable the cricketer is, he will lose all his hard earned respect somewhere along the way
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