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Jaya Bachchan Statement on Indian Women Protection

The MP Jaya Bachchan, while addressing in Rajya Sabha criticized the government for not focusing on Indian women protection.

Here is what Jaya Bachchan said about Indian women protection.

“State Planning is aggressively required to protect the women. You can save ‘Cows, ‘ but women are being oppressed. One of your members is talking like that. How dare somebody to talk like this and in particular against a woman?”

“Today the women are feeling so insecure. Is this what you should be promoting? All you people control the newspapers. How come such news gets published in the newspaper?”

Background to Statement on Indian Women Protection

The statement on Indian women protection came at a time when one of the young BJP leaders announced to give a reward to anyone who would bring the head of the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

The BJP leader reacted after police action against the party’s saffron rally in West Bengal. The rally with hundreds of participants marked Hanuman Jayanti. BJP was trying to show its muscle in the state.

Here is what the BJP youth leader said.

“Those who will cut and bring West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee head, I will give that person Rs11 lakh. Mamata Banerjee never allows Saraswati Puja, fairs during Ram Navami and during Hanuman Jayanti procession, people were lathi charged and brutally beaten up. She organizes Iftar party and always supports Muslims.”

Cow Slaughter Ban More Important Than Indian Women Protection

The BJP government has become overly focused on ensuring complete cow slaughter ban in India. However, when it comes to Indian women protection, the government is not much concerned about it.

The “Gau Rakshaks” groups supposedly protecting the holy cows in India have started taking the law of the land into their hands. The situation has gotten so worse that finally, Supreme Court of India had to step in to take notice of the situation.

The Supreme Court of India gave notices to Center and six other states to take note of the situation and give a response as to why these self-styled groups cannot be stopped.

The Supreme Court of India has given a notice of three weeks to the Central Government and governments of states including Rajasthan, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh to respond.

The apex court was responding to a petition submitted by Tehseen Poonawalla. Here is an excerpt of the petition.

“The actions of cow protection groups infringe the personal liberty of the victim. The actions of public flogging, urinating on the victim forcing them to eat cow dung takes away the victim’s right to life and personal liberty and the court should intervene to protect people from such groups.”

Indian Women Protection Statistics

Indian Women ProtectionWhen it comes to protecting Indian women rights, it seems the governments in the country think of it as a low priority task. Unfortunately, crime is reported in India against a woman every two minutes.

There were 2.24 million crimes reported against the Indian women during the last ten years. One of the major crime against women of India is either committed by their husband or relatives. All such cases of husbands and relatives of the women committing crimes against them amount to 909,713 (reported) in the last ten years.

Here are some other shocking figures of different types of crimes committed against the women reported during the last years.

  • Crimes committed against women by their husbands and relatives (909,713)
  • Assault on women with the ill intention to outrage their modesty (470,556)
  • Kidnapping and abduction of women (315,074)
  • Rape (243,051)
  • Insult to women modesty (104,151)
  • Dowry death (80,833)
  • Cases registered in dowry death prohibition act (66,000)
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