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What Will Happen to Amazon After Jeff Bezos and His Wife’s Separation

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos may not remain World’s richest man anymore after his likely separation from wife Mackenzie. According to media reports, Bezos and Mackenzie’s break up will be the world’s most expensive divorce costing 54 years old Jeff Bezos $65 billion. The separation will consequently end up Mackenzie as the world’s richest woman.

Why Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Are Separating

According to National Enquirer Bezos is leaving Mackenzie due to his relationship with 49 years old Lauren Sanchez who is ex-wife of Bezos’s friend Patrick Whitesell, a Hollywood talent agent. Lauren was also a news anchor, dance show host and a pilot by profession. Before Patrick Whitesell, Sanchez was married to NFL star Tony Gonzalez.

Bezos married Mackenzie in September 1993, when he was just a hedge fund manager in Wall Street. The couple reportedly celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in September last year.

A statement of Amazon founder’s Twitter account on behalf of the couple told that they had a great life as a married couple and they saw a wonderful future ahead as parents, friends, partners in ventures.

Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Bezos have four children together.

The World’s Most Expensive Divorce

Jeff and Mackenzie’s separation is speculated to be the world’s most expensive divorce ever. According to media reports the couple had no pre-nuptial agreement. So, Jeff Bezos who is the world’s richest man with an estimated net worth of $137 billion will have to give half of it to Mackenzie. He owns almost 16% stakes in his e-commerce giant Amazon.

Media reports further state that Bezos and Mackenzie also own 400,000 acres of land which makes them one of the biggest landowner in the country. Apart from being the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, Bezos is also the proprietor of Washington Post.

Impact on Amazon

The sudden drop in US tech stocks due to US-China trade wars that happened in March of last year, made Amazon suffer the most. But, it is likely for the company to not get affected with Bezos-Mackenzie separation as long as they have a friendly relation after their marriage is over. Now when the news of its founder’s expected divorce is all over, Amazon’s stocks have not shown a sharp decline.

So, it is safe to assume that personal life events of Jeff Bezos will not impact his business ventures. But, his net worth may drop making him lose the status of world’s richest man. Contrary to this, divorce is likely to make Mickanzei world’s richest woman billionaire.

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