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Jemima Khan to Unite Music in Pakistan after saving Imran?

Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of PTI Chief Imran Khan, is coming to Pakistan in 2018, reportedly. She has made headlines for supporting her ex-husband on every occasion, especially during the hearing of the case against him. Just like, Imran Khan, Jemima Khan is also heartthrob of millions of Pakistanis. But her arrival in Pakistan seems to be the out of context, for which she has remained in the news.

According to media reports, Jemima Khan is coming to Pakistan on the invitation of guitarist Salman Ahmed. She will come to Pakistan in 2018 after 15 years.

Further reports suggest that Jemima’s visit to Pakistan has something to do with reuniting pop-music in the country.

A Broadway Style Show in Pakistan

Apart from Jemima Khan’s arrival in Pakistan, Salman Ahmed told the media that he plans to organize a Broadway-style show in Pakistan. Purpose of the show would be paying tribute to Junoon, Vital Signs, and Pakistan’s pioneer pop singers Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan. He further informed that he was in talks with Asim Azhar, Irtaash, Momina Mustehsan and Junaid Jamshed’s son.

Jemima Khan

It seems that Salman Ahmed is planning to make 2018, the year of celebration while bringing back the Junoon and Vital Signs.

Reuniting the Junoon

Junoon is the famous Pakistani musical band of the 90s is also likely to see a reunion. A few months back, Ali Azmat, lead singer of the band even hinted on the expected revival of Junoon, in a Facebook post.

Salman Ahmed too talked about his plans to bring Ali Azmat, Rohail Hayat, Brian O’ Connell and Shahi Hasan on board, to further the purpose. Fans can expect an entirely new band formed by the fusion of Junoon and Vital Signs. Such miracle if happens can give a fresh blow of air to struggling arena of pop music in Pakistan.

So, What the Jemima Khan has to do with Music?

Jemima Khan always supported Imran Khan’s stance especially, from hearing to the announcement of Panama case. So, how she is going to help music? Salman Khan didn’t mention if Jemima Khan was going to be the part of the celebration. Maybe, the purpose of her visit to Pakistan is to contribute to the revival of pop music in Pakistan. If this is so, then Jemima Khan’s involvement does make sense. Her stay during in the country coincided with the peak of music in Pakistan, which can be one of the so many things she might be nostalgic about.

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