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Jim Norton Net worth 2021- A Reflection of How Much Sarcasm Pays

A good sarcasm always pays a person in one form or other. And, those who practice it professionally are likely to be better off in term of their financial status. At least this is what case of Jim Norton net worth proves. The comedian, presenter and author Jim Norton is indeed a millionaire due to his brilliant skills of enthralling the audience with his dark humor and observational comedy.

The fact that Jim Norton Jr. is a millionaire doesn’t seem surprising in 2018 when standup comedians on Netflix and other streaming media are the talk of the town. In fact, these folks who are good at making people laugh have successfully succeeded in carving out their particular niche. Well, one can’t merely credit the talent of making people laugh capable enough for adding to the net-worth of an artist. And, the case of Jim Norton net worth 2021 proves it.

Jim Norton Net Worth 2021

According to available online resources, Jim Norton net worth is $3 million. And the figure is indeed encouraging as not all of his fellow stand-up comedians are this much well-off. One such example is Bryan Callen net worth which stands at $1.5 million. But, the case of Jim Norton might be different as he is making his fortune from the books and podcasts as well. Further, he is already a well-established radio presenter and podcast host- a fact we will elaborate further on later parts of this article.

Jim Norton Biography and Early Life

James Joseph Norton Jr. known as Jim Norton was born on 19 July 1968 in Bayonne, New Jersey. Although he spent a healthy family life, he had to cope with the issue of drinking even in his teenage. He used to drink too much for getting comfort as he though himself shy, ugly and less confident. Available information about Jim Norton on various online resources also reveals that Jim used to be a kind of attention seeker who cut his hands and wrists with a razor for making people look towards him. But, his endless effort, strive and struggle in the field proved that getting attention through showing one’s talent proves more useful in a long run than getting it through cutting one’s skin.

In his comedy, Norton very commonly talks about sexuality. He is also an advocate for prostitution. Well, these subjects are so easy to pull-off in comedy and indeed make for an entire element of humor.

Jim Norton Net worthJim Norton House

Being a famous comedian, who also happens to be a millionaire, it is natural for people to expect Jim Norton is living a luxurious life. He inevitably comes up to expectations, as he is living on Upper West side of New York in an apartment in Donald Trump’s building.

What Contributed to Jim Norton Net Worth?

An overview of what might have contributed to Jim Norton net worth 2021 shows that comedy has indeed remained in the spotlight on behalf of the artist. He captured the attention for co-hosting a radio show Opie and Anthony. Jim is also accessible on streaming media, as he did several comedy specials on Epix and Netflix.  Apart from being a radio presenter and standup comedian, Norton has made several appearances on Television as well. Apart from appearing in the Louie Show, he also performed in Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.

In 2007 Norton also attended The Gong Show with Dave Attell as a celebrity judge.

What Jim Norton Books and Revelations in Them

There is a long story of struggle and hardships behind Jim Norton net worth which is estimated to be $5 million. The man has indeed come so far to achieve this destination. Those who look towards Norton as an inspiration must go through his books that have remained New York Time bestsellers. The good thing about these books is that they highlight the social issues with a touch of sarcasm. Therefore, they prove to be an ultimate entertainment along with teaching a lesson from the real-life struggle of a celebrity. In this way, Jim stands in line with stars like Anthony Robbins who are famous for their speaking as well as writing skills.

Norton’s first book Happy Endings: The Tales of Meaty-Breasted Zilch constitutes stories from his childhood, which is quite exciting and reference to Norton’s career as a stand-up comedian. Folks who are usually not habitual of reading books may also find Norton’s books enjoyable to read.

Another famous book of Norton is I Hate Your Guts that came in 2016. The book that was also a New York Time best seller under non-fiction category went popular. It criticizes the likes of Steve Martin, Keith Olbermann, and Al Sharpton. His book I Hate Your Guts is a collection of almost 35 essays which are more like critical pieces.

Norton’s popular DVDs and comedy specials are available as One Night Stand: Jim Norton, Please be Offended, Contextually Inadequate, American Degenerate, Down and Dirty with Jim Norton and Monster Rain.

Speedy Facts about Jim Norton

  1. Net Worth           $3 Million
  2. Date Of Birth      July 19, 1968
  3. Spot Of Birth      Bayonne, New Jersey, United States
  4. Height   5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
  5. Profession          Comedian, Actor, Radio character, Screenwriter, Author
  6. Nationality          American
  7. Nicknames          James Norton , Norton, Jim , James Joseph “Jim” Norton, Jr. , Jimmy Robinson , Jimmy Norton , Lil’ Jimmy , James Joseph Norton, Jr. , Gentleman Jim
  8. Albums               Yellow Discipline (2003), Trinkets I Own Made from Gorilla Hands (2005), Despicable (2011), No Baby For You! (2012), American Degenerate (2013), Please Be Offended (2012
  9. Movies           “Spider-Man”, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”, “Pursuing Condi”, “Fortunate Louie”, “One Night Stand”,”Comedian” (2002)
  10. Television Shows              “The Opie and Anthony Show” (1995-2014), “Ready to take care of business with Jim Norton”, “Fun times TV Roast of Bob Saget”,”Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn”

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