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JIT Report Findings Submitted to SC

The JIT report findings were presented to the Supreme Court of Pakistan on 10th July 2017. The report investigated the allegations of money laundering against PM Nawaz Sharif and his family. JIT report findings point to the alleged tampering of records against departments including the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The SC has given the order to open a criminal case against the Chairman of SECP Zafar Hijazi.

JIT Report Findings Term Evidence by Maryam Nawaz as Forged

One of the many JIT reports findings became widespread on the social media. The JIT stated that the evidence submitted by Maryam Nawaz was in Calibri font. However, as per the Joint Investigation Team, the documents predate the existence of this font. The documents belong to an era before Jan 2007 when there was no existence of Calibri font. There is a contradiction about the use of the font. Wikipedia website states that the font was there since 2004. However, it was not made available to the public before 2007.

Joint Investigation Team on Wealth

The investigation reveals a disparity existing between wealth, assets, and sources of income. The report asks the Supreme Court of Pakistan to proceed with disqualification against the Prime Minister. The proceedings of the case will continue on July 17th, 2017.

There are different opinions about “what is going to happen next?” However, many legal experts believe that Supreme Court may refer the case to the National Accountability Bureau.

However, it will be a tough ask by SC to ask NAB to proceed further with the investigations. The SC has already publicly shared its doubts about the ability and honesty of the Institute to dutifully carry out the task of investigation. The recent dismissal of 100 corrupt NAB officials poses a serious question mark on the integrity of the Institute to conduct a just and fair investigation.  

PML (N)’s Verdict on JIT Report Findings

The ruling party PML (N) straight away rejects the JIT report findings.

One of the senior leaders of PML (N) and currently heading the Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms has rejected the report, terming it as garbage. He expressed his views on the JIT report findings while talking to a joint press conference by the party’s leaders. Furthermore, the Minister also said that the report only focuses on the Sharif family’s businesses and not relating to corruption.

Another senior party member and Barrister Zafarullah Khan stated that it was not a JIT report but instead a PTI report. He also doubted the competency of the JIT saying four out of the six of its members had no prior experience of investigations. Furthermore, he believes that JIT members are against PML (N) and are trying to twist the investigation to seek to achieve a predetermined conclusion. He expressed hope that SC will send the report to the trash can.

The Defense Minister Khawaja Asif termed the report as inadmissible. He also questioned the validity of the information collected using different sources. Furthermore, he questioned contents of the reports as he believed the JIT had contacted Rehman Malik to get facts. Therefore, he said that his party would destroy all the allegations in the report.

Similarly, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that the government was expecting a similar kind of report. The Petroleum Minister said that the party had already expressed reservations about the truthfulness of the report. Also, he added that JIT report findings had a lot of contractions in it.

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