Monday, December 11, 2023
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Violence against JNU Students Raises Questions on Students Safety

A group of unidentified individuals entered JNU and started violently hitting students causing some fatal injuries. The JNU students’ Union leader has also suffered fatal injuries and has been taken to the hospital for emergency treatment.

According to Tweets by renown journalist authorities seem unmoved by such a gruesome incident on campus as no arrests have been made till yet.

It also seems that Police were on their side.

This Is Threat To JNU Students Life

Around 5 pm on Sunday when a peaceful march organized by the teachers association of the university against the fee hikes and the CAA was coming to an end a group of masked individuals stormed the university hostels and started brutally beating JNU students.

Those who managed to evade mob of goons remained unharmed but those who failed to do so received fatal injuries due to which they were immediately admitted into the emergency trauma center of the hospitals.

According to eyewitness reports students present at the time were hit on the head with full force and other parts of body resulting in broken bones. Even teachers and members of the press covering the peaceful march suffered severe injuries.

The president of JNUSU is also amongst those brutally injured. Like others, she has been taken to the hospital.

Apparently, wardens at one of the hostels has also resigned for ensuring students’ safety and security was not possible for them.

Muslim Students Report Vandalism

Furthermore, during this heinous event, Muslim students studying at the university were the sole victims of vandalism. This coupled with other facts is leading some to believe that the assailants had inside knowledge and are somehow connected to the RSS wing of the university

These Events Have Raised Serious Questions Regarding The Safety Of The Students

The police despite being present failed to stop the masked vigilantes from causing harm. After finishing their so-called escapade they simply walked out the front door with the police standing there and doing nothing.

Government while expressing its sympathies with the students ordered a formal investigation to be opened and those involved in this condemnable act be brought to justice.

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