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5 Special Things Happening on Joe Biden Inauguration Day

Joe Biden Inauguration as the 46th President of The United States is going to look different from the past ones. The US authorities have scaled back on the usual festivities to avoid spreading more virus in the country. The pandemic means total shut down of huge galas for US, which is why they had to cancel a lot of their traditional celebration methods. Instead, there will be some time-honored events with a little bit of creativity on 20th January.

Normally, new US Presidents take their oath in front of large crowds, hosted by huge concerts, parades, and balls. This year there will be a very small crowd due to COVID-19 situation and the recent violent riots in US Capitol Hill. The country has urged maximum people to stay home and watch the event on TV.

Joe Biden Inauguration Day Speech

The most special and most anticipated part of Joe Biden inauguration is his speech. Americans and the rest of the world are eager to hear what the next US president has to say. Previously organizers used to distribute hundreds of thousands of tickets to the members of Congress. This time, each lawmaker will get only one ticket for him/herself with one guest.

The security has never been tighter considering how violent things can get if they are going according to Donald Trump’s plans. Authorities fear that there could be another insurgency attempt like at the Capitol Hill on Biden’s victory sign-off day.

Outgoing President Trump faced a ban from mainstream social media platforms for airing anti-democratic movements against the electoral votes.

Theme For Celebrating New Presidency

There will a theme set for this year’s inauguration. The committee announced that the US will draw on the concept of America United, which reflects the new journey to restore the soul of the country. Joe Biden aspired to bring diverse citizens together and create a path that collectively leads to a brighter future.

As there are no tickets, almost 200,000 flags will be planted in National Mall park to represent the citizens who were unable to attend, due to uncertainty.

This is the replacement for massive crowd which usually stands shoulder-to-shoulder in that park whenever a new president is crowned.

Tom Hanks Hosting The Event On TV

A prime time TV program “Celebrating America” will air on 20th January at 8:30 PM ET/PT. Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks will host this 90-minute program which will feature the remarks from President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. The show will also feature the American diversity and talent through various performances.

This show is being viewed as an opportunity to explain the importance of America United by showcasing resilience, heroism, and commitment by the American people. Hanks himself contracted coronavirus last year so he understands more than anyone; the reason for avoiding huge crowd and celebrating from home.

Celebrity Appearances And Musical Performances

Reportedly, the artists who will perform at the Joe Biden Inauguration day include Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Ant Clemons, Jennifer Lopez, Garth Brooks, John Legend, Foo Fighters, Kerry Washington, and Bruce Springsteen. Moreover, Lady Gaga will perform the national anthem of the US to celebrate the inauguration.

Virtual Parade Across America

Instead of marching bands with massive crowds, there will be a virtual parade named “Parade Across America” scheduled to stream live on 20th January at 3:15 PM ET/PT. Performers will represent all 56 states and territories of the US and follow the theme of America United.

Hollywood Actor and Director, Tony Goldwyn will host the parade and will feature lots of performers and athletes. Some of them include the comedian John Stewart, figure skater Kaitlyn Saunders, the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, famous Olympians, viral sensation DoggFace, and many more.

 Americans citizens are eagerly waiting for the Parade Across America for Joe Biden Inauguration. The already have self-made props to re-imagine some of the old celebrations. 

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