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What Will Joe Biden Do On His First Day As President?

Joe Biden has announced to issue several executive orders that will throw Donald Trump’s policies out of existence.

Biden is set to take office on 20th January 2021 after winning the dramatic US elections on 7th November. So far Donald Trump has refused to concede easily in a dramatic turn of events and it is reflected well in this funny meme.

After joining the office, Biden will have to face some crucial challenges. He not only has to fix the broken constitution but also reverse more than 400 immigration related executive actions. Trump’s regime has incited terror for many immigrants.

To fix all that, here’s how Biden’s current plans look like:

Joe Biden Will Rejoin World Health Organization (WHO)

Donald Trump pulled out of WHO membership in July, by saying that US would no longer fund WHO because it was a puppet of China. A member is required to give a 12 month-notice before pulling the plug on funding. As it has only been few months, Biden can easily cancel the US withdrawal from WHO.

Protect Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Joe Biden’s win came as a good news for DACA recipients, whose status was in danger under Trump’s regime. This immigration policy was passed through an executive order by Barrack Obama. It allowed certain undocumented immigrants to remain with deferral from deportation and become eligible to work in the US.

It has protected around 700,000 immigrants from deportation. Trump tried to end it but the court hanged the case. Joe Biden Intended to fully restore it to its former glory.

Lifting Travel Ban On Muslim Majority Countries

Perhaps the most notable executive order by Biden would be the end of Muslim ban. Donald Trump banned travelers from total 13 countries which were either Muslim-majority or African. Biden intended to rescind these outrageous policies that proved to be an assault on American values.

He will end the asylum restrictions imposed by Trump and also stop the funding for the new wall along the US-Mexico border, which Trump was constructing.

Ungagging The Global Gag

This policy has been imposed by every Republican president in the history of America. It blocks federal funding for private abortion service organizations. Trump took it a step further and blocked all international funding for global health (including AIDS).

The policy was a disaster that posed a great risk to women lives around the world. Biden has committed to rescind the policy with an executive order on day one.

Eliminating The Backlogs In Rape Kits

Since decade, hundreds of thousands of rape kits have gone untested because of police. These kits include evidence (DNA and physical) gathered from rape victims and are crucial to identify perpetrators. Either, law enforcement agencies have not been prioritizing the testing of kits or they do not have required resources.

Vice-president Elect, Kamala Harris proposed the policy to issue 1 billion USD to each state, so they can clear the massive backlog of untested rape kits.

Paris Climate Agreement

Biden said he will reverse Trump’s decision to leave the Paris climate accord. He intends to lead the rest of the world in acting swiftly on curbing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

His executive order will put the US back on track for 2025 plan to cut 28% GHG.

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