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Did Joe Biden say InshAllah during Presidential Debate 2020?

The former vice president Joe Biden and the president United States Donald Trump currently faced each other in the 2020 presidential debate. While addressing Trump as a response to his argument, Mr. Biden supposedly said InshAllah. His phrase made people curious about what he might be thinking before saying it out loud. 

The word/phrase is specifically associated with the Arabic language that people use in order to ask God for a task’s completion. The surprising element is that Mr. Biden stated it at the presidential debate. His mention of InshAllah became an astonishing factor for many people.

Joe Biden Says Saying InshAllah in Response to Donald Trump’s Response

Recently, Trump and Biden had a face-off regarding the upcoming US presidential election. They argumentatively tackled each other’s points. Biden enquired about the recent discovery of Trump’s income Tax from him, upon which, he said, “You will see it” and Biden replied,” When, InshAllah?” 

Public Reaction After Assuming Biden Said InshAllah

It is not clear what his intention behind the stated word/phrase was, or he actually said it or not. People made guesses in order TO put an end to the dilemma that Joe has created. Many were in shock as they came to know about what Joe Biden said in the presidential debate. 

According to some entities, it might be some political agenda to hit the sentiments of Muslims and gain more voters.

Whereas many have shared their views on why he could have said InshAllah, a few also expressed their emotions by implying (jokingly) that Biden may have wanted to change his religion. 

The very stated word also became an element of mockery and fun for Biden by several individuals. 

What Exactly Did Biden Say?

Using a word from another language, other than one’s native language does not eradicate a person’s existing religion and convert him/her. Similarly, saying InshAllah does not make Joe Biden a Muslim. 

Some disagreed that he said InshAllah; they believed that he could have said something else like enchilada or in July.

A very close statement that can be considered as the actual phrase used by Mr. Biden in the presidential debate: he might have said “when it’s the law?” instead of InshAllah. Both sound similar but it is a mystery yet to be solved. 

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