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John Cena Wins Hearts for Speaking About BTS on The Tonight Show

John Cena has showered BTS with a lot of praises in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. His love for the widely popular K-pop boy band is well documented. Cena appeared on The Tonight Show while BTS Week was already going on since 28th September. Many people have wondered for so long why Cena loved BTS and he finally gave the explanation:

John Cena Loves BTS For A Lot More Reasons Than Music

Social media users have gone crazy for Cena on his passionate and practical advocacy for the South Korean musicians. He not only praised their musical talent but also highlighted the group’s meaningful messages behind their music and the social good they have been doing.

He also mentioned the band’s resonance with their fans, which are famous as ARMY (Adorable Representative M.C for Youth). He loved how their fans took part in different charitable causes and other issues that matter to the group.

According to BTS members, they coined the term ARMY for their fans because they fight for them devotedly. As in, matching the donations of BTS at charitable incidents. Cena thinks that the connection these fans share with BTS, can change the world.

People Fell In Love With Cena’s Discussion About BTS

The ARMY has thanked John Cena for giving an immaculate description of the band’s work. Their complex and energetic performances are always a spectacle for their fans.

For some it was astonishing how Cena summed up all activities of BTS in a short duration of time

Some people either criticize BTS or use them for their own selfish purposes but this time their fans felt that Cena’s comments were genuine and straight from the heart. In the midst of multiple global crises, Cena’s positivity was uplifting.

Cena has also faced his fair share of criticism during his stint with the wrestling show. However, this move is likely to earn him the respect of his critics. Many people have started to love the wrestler/actor because of his love for the musical group.

Inspirational Interview Moved Masses

The interview has served as a refresher for the masses. Probably they were sick and tired of seeing the majority men doing awful stuff like; talking smack, fighting, raping, killing, etc. They think that Cena and BTS are a few examples of how men can conduct themselves.

Cena was criticized for most of his wrestling career but still stayed at the very top of WWE for a decade. Similarly, the massive part of the world who hates BTS cannot deny the impact they have around the world. A lot of people have done major deeds while inspired by both of the acts

BTS ARMY is probably thinking to donate to the Make-A-Wish foundation as well. It might be hard to match Cena’s donations for the terminally ill children. The champ has completed over 650 wishes; the most granted by a single individual.

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