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Johnson and Johnson Vaginal Mesh is A Health Hazard Australian Court

One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and cosmetic company Johnson and Johnson was found guilty of misleading its customers by an Australian court.

Johnson and Johnson Get Pummeled

It’s not unusual for some women to suffer from urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse after childbirth. To tackle this problem the Johnson and Johnson introduced virginal mesh, a thin piece of nonreactive plastic that is inserted into a gap between the bladder and the vaginal wall and is left there To alleviate these symptoms and help women enjoy a normal life. Contrary to the company’s claims, medical research, and a group of Aussi women say otherwise.

Problems Faced By The Victims

About 1350 women sued J&J for damaging and ruining their lives. According to the lawsuit filed against them by these women alleged the company of misguiding and destroying their lives. According to these Aussi women, after getting the vaginal implant, they started to suffer from a wide variety of problems like lover body pain, rupturing and tearing in the walls of the vagina and would protrude outwards through it. Other problems included increased incontinence and pelvic related problems .” This is just the physical part of the problem, we haven’t even begun the physiological problems that have occurred as a result of these problems,” said one victim while talking to the media.

Disintegration Of Personal Life

Many of the victims claimed that as a result of the vaginal mesh, they were unable to maintain a proper relationship with their husbands because having intercourse with them would either be painful for them or the mesh would damage their partner’s private part severely. As a result, many of the victims are now divorced and are suffering in their personal lives.

Similar lawsuits were filed against the company in the US, where J&J had to pay 1 billion dollars’ worth of damages in total. The next court date has been set to discuss how much the company must pay in damages.

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