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Director Todd Phillips Confirms the Making of Joker 2

Joker was quite an interesting movie to amplify the intensity of DC’s popular antagonist, ‘the Joker’. Joaquin Phoenix was indeed the finest actor to play the role, and the audience loved how he portrayed the delusional sociopath wronged by the people. The 2019 movie was a hit at the box office, and thus fans started wondering about another instalment. The curiosity has come to an end since Director Todd Phillips announced the making of Joker 2. Fans can only wait now until something more solid than just a confirmation about a movie arrives.

Joker 2 Facts

Some things might excite fans regardless of less information about the imminent Joker 2 movie. Firstly, Joaquin Phoenix is definitely in the film playing the designated role. The Director posted a picture on social media in which the actor is snapped reading the script of Joker’s second instalment. Secondly, Phillips and Scott Silver have written the script, and the idea of a plot in the making came out on May 18, 2022. The name of the written discourse is ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’, referring to the same disorder depicted in the movie.

What to Expect from Joker 2?

Since the story or trailer of Joker 2 isn’t out yet, fans are left with assumptions about the film. The previous part showed a clown trapped in his own thoughts of being misled, judged, and wronged by society. Arthur’s imaginary girlfriend vanishes, and his hopes about having a father shatter when he realizes the truth about his mother not being involved with a man named Wayne, who also can’t be his biological guardian. In short, the Joker goes rogue and takes his anger out on the ones he thinks as cruel. Judging by the ending of the film, the movie, Joker 2 will begin with the same destruction and chaos that Arthur inflicted on the Gotham city. Nothing can be presumed since the film was ahead of its time, and the writers must have hidden something up their sleeves to entertain the fans.

Fans Are Excited

It seems hard for people to stay quiet and calm when the news about their favourite’s release is circling on the internet. Social media is currently getting flooded with posts about Joker 2 script and the actor’s brilliant acting in the first film. People loved the joker Actor Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar Speech when he won the award for best actor in 2020. People are already excited for the second part and hope it releases soon.

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