Joker- A Villain Turned into Hero by Viewers

Joker- Joaquin Phoenix

Social media is obsessed with Joker, a movie that explains the origin of the character played by Heath Ledger in Batman The Dark Knight Rises. Before delving deeper into what makes Joaquin Phoenix version of Joker popular, let’s make one thing clear; Had the Ledger was not so good and honest in portrayal of his character in Batman there was no way for the latest version of Joker to become this famous.

The second important factor that made Joker talk of the town was how Heath Ledger’s dialogues in Batman were used to create memes and were quoted to explain different phenomena related to an existential crisis in the sphere of social media. Joker had become an icon of rebellion and nihilism in such a way that his portrait was used to share the quotes that were never said in the movie. Briefly, the ground was so even for any sequel, spin-off or a cinematic creation that would shed further light on this popular character that question of nonacceptance was impossible.

What Is So Worrying about Popularity of Joker

The very contradictions in society provide a breeding ground for crime and rebellion. A lack of trust in the very essence of life leads to an existential crisis and in severe cases provokes the nihilist ideas in a person; this is what the joker was all about. The film roams around the theme of deteriorating mental health and resulting in criminal tendencies. Well, the mere presentation of the idea is not that simple. It is true that depression, anxiety, injustice, disbelief and lack of motivation to live is itself an illness which if not cured can lead to serious crimes.

More worrying is the fact that so many people are finding this character relatable and thus hailing a villain as a hero. Such behavior towards this character is a cause of concern because it makes it evident how the members of modern human society are discontent and applauding for a nihilist merely on the grounds that they can feel his sufferings. Well, empathy with human beings on the basis of what they have gone through in life is not bad, but the fact that almost everyone is showing this empathetic attitude because they are finding such sufferings relatable is worsening.

Are the Nihilist Tendencies Growing in Modern Society

The growing fame of Joker is alarmingly dangerous as it proves the general discontent in society; something that can further provoke the nihilist tendencies and promote the criminal mindset. It is the twenty-first century that society has evolved into states with distinct constitutions and laws that ensure order in the society but it seems that human beings are still for from devising something that bars them from overexploiting each other.

If exploitation and deprivation was not what is defining the present societies then the characters like Joker wouldn’t have been this popular.

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