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Get Ready To Shed Some Tears Because Jon Snow Is Here!

Here is a big news for all the Game of Thrones fans! Your very own Aegon Targaryen, a.k.a  Mr. Jon Snow has returned even though he knows nothing, but this time he has arrived with a heartbreaking news. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) told MTV that fans should get ready for a sad ending of the series, according to Mr. Snow ‘not everyone will be pleased after watching the end.

Further explaining the scenario, Kit told viewers that maintaining a series for 9 years is a very long time. He told that he was a fan of famous series breaking bad, though he didn’t expect the ending still accepted it, from an open heart. He gave a genuine reason that the plot could not be changed as the writers know how to end their story and fans must accept their logic behind it.

Jon Snow Or Cersei Lannister Lets See Who Dies!

This is not new for the fans of GOT, as they have seen many such deaths before. From the beginning of the series till now, all those who seemed compatible for the throne died in front of their fans! Yet this is the fascinating thing about George R. R. Martin that he never thinks about the feelings of viewers! And now fans are habitual of seeing their favorite characters die in the show. But here the question is whether Kit was targeting the expected death of Cersie or unexpected demise of Jon Snow? There is another possibility that there might be another character who will die but who?

While thinking about the possibilities and the rumors there were many speculations about Tyrion’s death in season 7 but kudos! He survived! Now, this is a very huge step that someone from the cast of show stepped forward and spoke about the scenario. Before that only Sophie turner a.k.a Sansa Stark has given some hints about the shooting and her last day as Sansa Stark. Otherwise, we see a dead silence from other cast members till now!

On a very light note, I guess things are going to end at a point where the writer will want to bring the viewers. Overall the journey of this series proved equally amazing for creators, cast, and viewers. The season finale is expected in the mid of 2019 and fans are very excited. But most of the viewers will not be happy with the end as Kit stated a valid point that you can’t please everyone! So get ready to see some serious action, drama, Bloodshed, and War. Till then, Valar Morghulis!

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