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Julian Assange Arrested for Breach of Bail after Seven Years

For years Julian Assange has evaded the police and global authorities by seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. His rise to fame began after videos emerged showing atrocities committed by the US government in Iraq through his online platform called WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange- the Freedom Fighter

To many people, Julian Assange is a freedom fighter who enlightened them on how the government manipulates and hides secrets from the people. His initial rise to fame began when he started revealing secret documents and videos showing how different countries were involved in the genocides of innocent people all over the world

Assange invented a platform by the name of name of WikiLeaks that allowed users to upload or download anything on the platform for free while staying anonymous. However, this did not last very long as Julian became a threat to many countries.

Several states refused him visa and asylum. While other countries like the US wanted him extradited to them for committing criminal offensives against them. In 2014 he entered the Ecuadorian embassy and requested them for political asylum which they granted with some imposed conditions.

Due to the continuous violations of the terms of asylum Julian Assange’s request for political asylum was finally revoked. The British police were requested to enter the Ecuadorian embassy to arrest him and brought before a magistrate. 

Reaction on Julian Assange’s Arrest

Even though Julian is a declared wanted criminal by many countries, his followers still love him. When the police arrived to arrest him and put him in front of a magistrate people shouted his name and cheered him on.

For many people, Assange is much more than a freedom fighter. He is the only person in the world who published true stories in an uncensored form and brought forth the truth.

His Supporters Have Started Petition to Prevent His Extradition

Some supporters feel that the only reason Assange got arrested is that Ecuadorian politicians want to protect themselves and keep their corrupt acts a pathetic secret indeed

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