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Julian Assange Sentenced to 50 Weeks in Prison for Breach of Bail

The court sentenced Julian Assange 50 weeks in prison for breach of bail after spending seven years in Ecuadorian embassy located in London. Supporters of Assange during the court hearing cheered him up and showed their support for him.

Why Assange Was Sentenced for Breach of Bail

While sentencing him for breach of bail   Judge Deborah Taylor at London’s Southwark Crown Court told Assange that it was hard for her to imagine a severe crime than the one Assange had committed. Julian Assange was arrested for breach of bail after seven years, a few weeks back.

She further stated that by deliberately entering and taking up asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy he put himself out of reach hence negatively affecting the proceedings. She told him that his action and residency at the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK cost the country 16 million pounds of taxpayer money. 

Despite the fact, you may have fears of getting extradited to the US you still had a choice, and you knowingly made the wrong one thinking it might save you from justice, the judge concluded.

While Julian was being escorted back to his cell, he raised his fist in defiance of the decision and expressed how much he respected his supporters. His supports raised their fist in solidarity and chanted the slogan shame on you.

It Took Journalist Two Hours To Get Tickets

The journalist had to wait in queue for two hours to get a ticket to court number one or to enter the overflowed court where a video link showing the proceeding was present before the case opened. After the proceeding journalist and photographers rushed to Belmarsh High-Security prison in an attempt to get a photo of him or get him to answer a few questions.

Assange’s Stance on the Bail

 In mitigation, Assange’s lawyer Mark Summers QC stated that only reason his client acted the way he did was out of fear of extradition to the US as he received a lot of death threats from them.

In his letter read by his lawyer, he apologized to everyone he had hurt as those were not his intentions and stated that he didn’t regret what he had done but did regret the course of action he took.

Other than these charges Assange now faces extradition to the US for conspiracy charges after he leaked thousands of secret documents detailing US operation around the world. If found guilty he could be sentenced to 5 years in prison.

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