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Fans Are Loving Junoon World Cup Song for Uniting Pakistan

It is the season of festivity in Pakistan as cricket world cup 2019 is around the corner. To begin the celebration Junoon released their world cup anthem and its video was about everything that represented Pakistan. The good thing in the song was seeing Junoon singing a national anthem after their reunion and catching the glimpse of so diverse Pakistani culture.

Fans’ Reaction Over Junoon World Cup Song

For Pakistani women bowler Sana Mir the song motivated us to practice inclusivity.

They are calling Badlega Jahaan a Josh Dilaney Wala (Motivational) anthem.

It is the inclusivity and representation of Pakistani people from every corner of the country which is the talk of the town about this video.

This Graffiti Was True Winner

This youngster painting the graffiti with colours of love peace and celebration was another eye catcher in the entire song.

The song has some critiques as well. But it is still better than PSL4 anthem by Fawad Khan. Yes there were those asking Junoon to sit down and stop making the songs.

But a brand new song launched after 15 years by their favorite rock band was something worth foregoing the flaws.

Folks were also disappointed because it was not at par with the famous song Jazba Junoon.

Well, cricket unites entire Pakistani nation. And, this song also brings ethnically and culturally diverse citizens of the country under one flag.

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