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Justin Bieber Crazy Demands for Indian Tour

Justin Bieber crazy demands for the upcoming Indian tour went viral. The outrageous demands put forth by the heartthrob of millions became the talk of the town.

Who Shared Justin Bieber Crazy Demands?

An Indian journalist Arjun S Ravi shared the images of the PR released by Bieber’s team. Therefore, the tour organizers as per this leak have to abide by his demands before he could visit India.

Quick Overview of the Justin Bieber Crazy Demands

Justin Bieber Crazy Demands for Indian TourSo, here is a look at the items the singer wants for his Indian tour.

  • He seeks to have a convoy of 10 luxury sedans and 2 Volvo tour buses. Consequently, these vehicles will remain at the disposal of the artist.
  • The entourage of Justin Bieber to India will consist of over 120 people.
  • He also wants a Rolls Royce all for himself.
  • Justin Bieber crazy demands also include special security cars with Z+ level safety and protection by Maharashtra Police. Besides protection by the India police, the star will have his team of 8 security people.
  • The singer has asked to fly in 10 containers containing different items including IO Hawk, a ping pong table, sofa set, washing machine, massage table, wardrobe cupboard, and upholstery.
  • Justin Bieber will have access to a Jacuzzi to unwind and relax.

The Arrangements Rumored To Have Been Made So Far

If the leaks are true, the following arrangements are made for Justin Bieber.

  • Reservations of two 5 star hotels for security reasons are made by the event organizers.
  • Culinary experts will supervise each gourmet.
  • The star will be served five dishes each day for his four-day stay in India. The five dishes presented to Justin Bieber will be named after each of his most favorite
  • The 5-star hotels will redesign their interior to accessorize them with luxury items like antique furniture, Mogul paintings, and signature Kashmiri bedroom linen.
  • Justin Bieber’s room will have decorations in purple as that is his favorite color.
  • The hotel where Justin Bieber is going to stay will convert itself into Bieber’s private villa.
  • Three of the floors of the hotel are booked just for Justin Bieber and his entourage.
  • One of the hotel’s elevators will be exclusively used by Justin Bieber and his entourage during his four-day stay.
  • Justin Bieber’s suite will have Indian Yoga Casket with aromatic essential oils including rose, camphor incense sticks, jasmine, and mogra. Besides these items, his suite will also have books on yoga asanas and chakras.
  • A licensed female masseuse will fly from Kerala to give message to Justin Bieber for his four days stay in India.
  • Miscellaneous items also include 100 hangers, vanilla room fresheners, hydrating lip balms, Dove body wash, and cans of wild berries.
  • Justin Bieber wants the quietest rooms with the best views and king size beds only.
  • The last of his demands is a 24-hour fitness center that has a steam room.

World Tour Details of Justin Bieber India Trip

These are some of the details leaked so far of the tour by Justin Bieber.

Day 1

On his first day he will have a fine dining experience. He will have cuisines cooked by royal butlers from Rajasthan. Justin Bieber will have food in gold and silver-platted thalis with his name embedded in Devanagari script. He will taste food from different states of India because of his love for Indian cuisines.

Day 2

On his second day in Indian Justin Bieber will tour the city of Mumbai. Some of the sights and sounds Justin Bieber visit includes places like Kala Ghoda, Gateway of India, and Mani Bhawan. After the city tour he will have Aryuvedic massage. He may also visit home of some underprivileged slum dwellers of India.

Day 3

On the third day, Justin Bieber is to perform the much awaited Mumbai concert. After the concert, Justin Bieber will have a private yacht party.

Day 4 & Day 5

On fourth and fifth day of Justin Bieber visit in India he will go to Delhi and Jaipur. Some rumors suggest he may also go see the Taj Mahal.

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