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People Are Losing It over Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran New Song

Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran released a new song called I don’t care tonight and fans are losing their minds. The pair previously collaborated on Bieber’s 2015 Love Yourself of Purpose. Max Martin, Shellback and FRED produced the new song. 

Seeing Justin Bieber and Grammy Awards winner Ed Sheeran‘s collaboration was no less than fun for fans.

Fans Reaction to Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran New Song

I don’t care has become an instant success since its release. This is the latest music release by Ed Sheeran since 2017 and marks the return of Justin Bieber after a long absence. Social media reactions to this new song are just worth looking at.

Some fans after hearing the new song got so emotional that they started crying and lost their composer completely

Hearing the Justin Bieber’s voice after such a long time melted away the fans.  

Despite both of them being awesome singers fans felt that Justin’s voice was heavenly and made a lot of them cry.

While Other Thought Both Did An Equally Good Job

Listeners while appreciating Justin’s voice also acknowledged that Ed’s voice was equally good and they both complemented each other in a very harmonious manner.

People were also speculating what could the reaction of music industry possible be after watching this song.

They Are Rooting for Song to Top the Charts

For some reason, people thought Justin Bieber had left the music industry. His return to them is nothing short of a shock to them but in a good way.

According to opinions on social media, the release of this song marks the start   of a new era in the music industry and can’t wait to for the next biggest hit to be produced

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