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Justin Bieber’s Life Is An Overrated Drama Don’t You Agree?

Let me first excuse the fans of Justin Bieber as I am doubtlessly going to smash some of the really true and bitter facts regarding JB’s life. With the news that Justin Bieber is actually married to his fiance Hailey Baldwin, every person who shipped Jaily was super excited but then again a news came which denied their marriage.

Justin Bieber’s Mom Tweets Regarding This Matter

Where everyone else is confused about the news regarding Justin and Haily’s Marriage, Justin’s mom is getting more desperate regarding the sweet love affair between the Purpose singer and his girlfriend.

Justin’s mom, Pattie Mallette is fighting an undeclared war from his son’s side on Twitter and after reading her next tweet you will recognize my words well

No one’s denying the fact that love will win the war of hate but Ma’am which one? The question here is that no doubt that marriage is an extremely private affair but the speculation regarding the marriage of Justin Bieber yells the attention seeking factor.

US Citizenship

Now the flow of love seems so strong that Justin Bieber has decided to maintain the dual citizenship. Yes, the Canadian Pop-star has applied for US citizenship as he wants to keep both citizenships. The point which arises here is that whether the reason is marriage with Hailey or this is also a part of all that drama which we have been viewing over years?

Reaction From Selena Gomez’s side

We know that all these years Selena Gomez has been giving time and space to her relationship with Justin Bieber. It ain’t me singer has been involved with him since 2009. Although their relationship suffered many hardships and breakups even then, Selena somehow managed those times too. But this time things are quite alternate, now after the marriage of Justin Bieber, there is no chance left for Jelena to find a Happily ever after. On this topic, Selena’s Aunt had an interesting point of view. Delone told in an interview that Justin visited her while he was friend with Selena and at that time things seemed pretty well but afterward, he changed. She also said that Justin and Hailey’s relationship doesn’t seem to prolong till aisle. Moreover, Delone told that Selena is moving on and this is the best time for her to let go of the agony of past and concentrate on her health and career. (All The best Selena)

Hailey’s Stance over Her Marriage With Justin

Hailey, 21 stepped forward as she shut down the rumors regarding her marriage with Justin Bieber. As she wrote in a deleted tweet that she knows the source of these rumors but she is not yet married with Justin Bieber.

Now even if Justin and Hailey have decided to tie a knot or they have already performed that pilgrim, creating a huge speculation and then turning on the whole family drama will result as negative fame for these both personalities. I would personally recommend JB to develop some sense of solemn in his life and stop publicizing each and every personal issue under the limelight, his talent is enough for maintaining his iconic popularity. This cherry on the top is not yet required! I am sure you guys agree with me!

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