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Justin Bieber Denies Sexual Assault Allegations After Six Years

Pop singer Justin Bieber was accused of assaulting two women in the past but never opened up about it. Reportedly, one woman said that the incident with her took place in 2014 while the other one stated it was in 2015.

Bieber denied both allegations by saying that he had dealt with plenty of allegations in the past. He tried to prove his innocence in a series of tweets and claimed that the allegations were incorrect because of a few factual mistakes.

Woman Accuses Justin Bieber of Sexual Assault

A woman who identified herself as Danielle accused Justin Bieber of sexual assault through tweets which he deleted later along with her account. She claimed that she met Bieber at a music event in Austin, TX. She was 21 and Bieber was 20 at that time. 

She alleged that on 9 March 2014, Bieber invited Danielle and her friends to the Four Seasons Hotel after his surprise musical performance. She further stated that the singer took her to a separate room and sexually assaulted her.

The Singer Decides To Speak Up

Justin mentioned in a tweet that he does not respond to such allegations anymore but he is going to do it anyway after speaking with his wife Hailey Baldwin. The couple thinks that it is an important issue to address. Bieber had disclosed his old drug addiction from which he claims that he recovered.

He continued by saying that these allegations are rumors but he takes sexual abuse seriously. He insisted that he only decided to speak about it because a lot of victims are dealing with this crisis on a daily basis. However, he wanted to make sure he had enough evidence to exonerate him from this offence.

Does He Have An Alibi?

Bieber claims that he was not present at the location of the alleged incident on 9th March 2014. He added that he will soon provide his alibi which will prove that these allegations to be not true. The location was the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, TX.

Justin does agree to have performed some songs at the said hotel to surprise fans but he claims that he was already with his then girlfriend Selena Gomez.

He shares an article that confirms that Gomez was present with him at the musical performance

He further shared two images from 9th March 2014 to narrate that he was on the stage all the time and left with Gomez. It is shown that both of them were strolling on the streets of Austin, TX after the event.

He shared another article that places both of them in Austin, TX at 11PM. 

A Confusion Between Hotel And Restaurant

Justin Bieber refered to a tweet from 10th March 2014 and claims that the alleged victim might have seen such tweets to make a story. In this tweet, a user confirms that Bieber was at Four Seasons Austin but the date as pointed by the singer is not 9th.

Then he also shared another tweet from the same user who was already getting tagged in the sexual allegation posts. She requested everyone to stop including her in this conversation as she was not in the hotel, she was at the Four Seasons Restaurant (not hotel) where she saw Bieber.

Which Hotel Was He Staying At Then?

After explaining he was not at the alleged hotel, he shared emails and receipts related to the booking under the alias of Mikey Arana. It is the name of his bodyguard. According to the receipts and emails, his reservation at La Quinta hotel was not paid for so he came to Westin hotel. He said that the date was 10th instead of 9th

For the 9th, he claims to have confirmed with the management of Four Seasons Hotel whether he was there or not. Apparently the hotel has denied that Justin Bieber was there. He welcomes the press and journalists to their own investigation if in doubt.

He also tried to prove that he was with his ex-girlfriend on the night of 9th March. According to the attached emails, both of them went to AirBnB with their friends instead of Four Seasons hotel.

In his last piece of evidence, he used an alias Mike Lowkey: a reference to Will Smith’s character in the Bad Boys movie series. He claimed that his ex-girlfriend left for work on the 10th and he left on the next day despite the checkout date was 13th. He stated that it was booked for 3 days but he left anyway to go home.

The End of Story

He stated to not use Mikey Lowery as alliance any more.

Bieber concluded that every sexual abuse allegation must be taken seriously which is why he felt the need to respond. However, he believed that he was innocent so he tweeted to take legal action with the help of Twitter and authorities.

It is strange that collecting these pieces of evidence took him 6 years. Moreover, he only presented his case involving the 2014 incident. The incident of 2015 was not discussed nor tweeted in any sense.

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