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Justin Bieber Just Challenged Tom Cruise to an MMA Fight

Celebrities have been known to do some of the craziest things just to stay in the limelight. The latest celebrity to lose his marbles and say something stupid is Justin Bibber who through a tweet challenged Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise  to MMA fight.

Cruise’s Fans Are Not Reacting Well to What Justin Bibber said

It’s surprising to see how Justin   Bibber a kid who entered the showbiz industry just a few years back is now trying to contend with some of Hollywood’s A-listers who have been working in the field for more than a decade. Many fans are rooting for Tom and are saying with hundred percent confidences that he can and will kick his ass.

Looking at the type and action filled movies Tom has enacted there is a high probability that he owned .this has forced others to question whether this is nothing more than a suicide mission for Justin Bieber with no obvious good end.

Many are confused about what is going on and are having a hard time confronting the fact that the blond-haired kid from London just challenged the king of action because they thought both the superstars were friends with each other.

UFC Viewership Will Sky Rocket

The UFC viewership, unlike other sports viewership varies.  Most of the people only watch the main mega events of the year and are least bothered with other activities related to the game. If this once in a lifetime rare fight occurs MMA subscription viewership will skyrocket, making the organization millions overnight.

Fans are so eager to see the fight occur that some have already started releasing videos depicting the outcome.

Conner McGregor Will Be Happy To Host the Sporting Event

Conner McGregor while commenting on the matter said if such an event occurs, his company would be eager to host and organize it. He too like many questioned whether Tom would accept or reject the challenge as he many view it as a childish thing to do.

The Top Gun star has such a busy schedule that the likes of him might not even know who or what Justin is.

After hearing about the challenge, some fans have lost it. The suggestions they are giving to Bieber are insane not to mention unethical.

Fans are eagerly waiting for Tom Cruise to respond to Justin Bieber’s challenge.

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