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Justin Timberlake Speaks On His Relationship with Co-Star Alisha Wainwright

After rumors regarding the alleged affair of Justin Timberlake and co-star Alisha Wainwright surged on the internet the multitalented celebrity took to social media to clear the air and put an end to the baseless rumors.

Justin Timberlake Opens Up And Shuts Down The Rumors

The rumors started to surge when a video of Justin Timberlake who appeared to be drunk got caught accidentally grabbing the hand of co-star Alisha Wainwright at what appeared to be some sort of party consisting of cast and crew on an apartment balcony.

Even though the hand grabbing scene didn’t last long and both withdrew their hands quickly after that another crew member rushed in to put an end to the awkwardness and distance the two.

Justin Timberlake’s Response

Timberlake in response to the ongoing rumors about his alleged affairs cleared the air by saying  he had a lot to drink and what ever happened was a clear lapse of judgment nothing more. He further continued to say that he loved his wife and son. He want to be the best role model and example for his son.

After his breakup with Britney spears who he claimed had cheated on his with someone else, the star has lived a relatively quiet life with his current wife Jessica Biel who he met shortly after his breakup with Britney Spears and finally married her in 2012.

Fans Reaction to Rumors

For fans this felt like a rather de ja vu type of an event and alleged him of cheating on Bile just like he cheated on Britney. They are dismissing the apology he posted and feel the only reason he post the message was because he got caught.

In his previous relationship he blamed Britney for sleeping with someone else and now he blamed the alcohol for his so called memory lapses what is wrong with him.

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