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Fans Are Asking K-Pop Band BTS to Tour Pakistan

Pakistanis are asking the world-famous Korean boys band called BTS to preform in Pakistan sometime next year. O man this gonna be a fun because BTS has huge fan following in country.

BTS Face Of K-Pop

In a very short time, BTS has managed to generate a massive fan following on a global scale and has worked with some of the most talented stars of our time. Their iconic dance routine and catchy song lyrics never fails to woo fans

 They have collaborated with some of the most renounced western artists like the famous American rapper Nicki Minaj, Chain smokers, Becky G, Halsey and have produced multiple songs with Steve Aoki. Despite the fact that most of their music is in Korean, people still love them and can’t stop dancing to their beat.

Fans from Pakistan

 Like other parts of the world people, the Korean band has managed to muster a massive fan following in Pakistan as well. Like any fan, Pakistanis are requesting the band to tour their country and give their fans the time of their lives.

Call Them To The Opening Ceremony of PSL 2020

Pakistan has launched its own version of twenty cricket called Pakistan Super League or PSL for short, which has really taken off and has played a major role in the return of sports to Pakistan. Like any major event, PSL has an opening ceremony. Fans are requesting their honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan to invite BTS to perform at the opening ceremony of the sports event.

Different events and concerts generate a lot of revenue, so countries often try to conduct such events on a regular basis to boost their economy. Besides this, such events generate a good image for the country and indirectly promotes tourism. So it’s logical if a country’s government goes to extreme lengths to arrange such events in their country

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