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K-Pop Stars Get Imprisonment for Raping and Recording Women during Sex

On Friday, a South Korean court announced a guilty verdict for two k-pop stars for sexually assaulting women record the event and then distributing the recording amongst friends. Their management companies have since dropped the stars.

K-pop Stars off to Jail

K-pop stars Jung Joon-young, 30, and musician Choi Jong-hoon, 29 on Friday, were found guilty of sexually assaulting and recording the event. They have been sentenced to 6 and 5 years in jail, respectively. Before their release, they must complete an 80-hour program on sexual violence treatment.

Initially, An investigation was launched against Seungri after his name popped up in reference to the “Burning Sun scandal,” which involved a posh night club located in Gangnam neighborhood called the Burning Sun Club and was considered to be the hub of all sorts of crime.

Bad Luck

According to the police, an investigation against Seungri, the Big Bang star who was accused of procuring women for prostitution and pleasing potential business investors, ultimately lead them to a ten-member chat group of which Jung and Choi were members. The police upon further investigation found incriminating evidence against Jung and Choi prompting them to launch an investigation against the two. 

I Am Sorry

In his final testimony, Jung expressed his deepest remorse and asked the victims to forgive him. While Choi expressed no remorse over his actions and said, all sexual activity occurred willingly. So far, four stars have announced early retirement for the music industry and have been dropped by their management companies.

Over the years, such cases have rattled the thriving k-pop industry to its core. Forcing fans to question the values the music industry was trying to promote. One K-pop fan, while talking to the media, expressed great anger and demanded strict action be taken against the music industry for recruiting such people.

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