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Afghan Pilot Uses Fake Image to Implicate Pakistan in Kabul Attack

24 innocents were killed in the ruthless firing inside a Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan on 13th May. After the events, one Afghan pilot caused an image to go viral on social media. He tried to implicate Pakistan in the Kabul Attack through an image seems to be disconnected from reality.

He added some spices and posted the picture online to blow another propaganda horn against Pakistan. He was immediately contradicted by the woke twitterati when this picture was revealed as an old tumblr post from 2014.

Social Media Reactions on The Fake Image

The pilot made a second attempt to accuse Pakistan of the same but he was again canceled by a journalist. Even the capital words did not help in demanding credibility online. If it was not for the Twitter users who fact-checked this image it would have spread like wildfire since social media is a hotbed of fake news.

The journalist explained his theory out loud for the people who might have missed a tiny detail.

The popular journalist from Pakistan, Zarar Khuru pointed out that this pilot has no compassion whatsoever. A heinous crime took place under their noses and all he cared about right now was endorsing war against Pakistan.

An ex-UN aid worker accused half president Ashraf Ghani for having shady motives regarding war.  As it can be seen that the attention was immediately and deliberately directed towards groups associated with Pakistan or Islam. This action wins them international sympathy because of on-going hate against Muslims. Afghan government is financially benefiting from the war so they won’t bother to end it anytime soon.

What Happened In The Kabul Attack?

The entire circle of life in Afghanistan was under attack on that fateful day. At one point three armed men opened fire inside the maternity ward in Kabul and on the other hand a suicide bomber attacked a police commander’s funeral in Naranghar.

Apparently, the peace deal with Taliban did not help in eliminating terrorism from Afghanistan. The Taliban denied their involvement in both of the attacks. However, the Islamic State (IS) claimed the suicide attack on the commander’s funeral. According to BBC around 100 people in Afghanistan were killed as a result of violence. When the maternity ward was transformed into the morgue, Afghan forces managed to rescue 100 women and children after eliminating the threat. The 24 victims of the assault included mothers, nurses, and infants.

Conflict between Afghan Politicians

While apparently, there has been a deal between the Afghan Taliban and the United States, the major hurdle in the way of the peace in Afghanistan is the political rift between contenders of the Presidency. It seems like the government is confused and the entire foundation of this new government is shaking; probably due to the dual presidency shindig that has made Afghan politics a joke. 

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