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People Come Up with Hilarious Memes on Arnab Goswami’s Intelligence about Kabul Serena Hotel

Indian news anchor Arnab Goswami is the subject of memes on Indo-Pak Twitter. He is known for his cheeky jabs against Pakistan that mostly turn out to be factually wrong. He has done it again by claiming the presence of ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) in Kabul Serena Hotel.

The anchor appeared in a talk show called “The Debate” among an Indian analyst and a spokesperson for PTI (Pakistan-Tahreek-E-Insaaf), Abdul Samad Yaqoob. While talking to Pakistani guest, Arnab said his sources confirmed that Pakistan’s intelligence officers were helping the Taliban by staying on the 5th floor of the hotel. The confused spokesperson turned to his own sources and learned that the particular building only had 2 floors.

Yaqoob confronted Goswami and called his intelligence false. After that Arnab laughingly said that he just “tricked” the spokesperson into admitting that ISI was at the Serena Hotel.

The Indian anchor has been receiving backlash in many forms including these hilarious memes to criticize him.

Kabul Serena Hotel According to Indian Intelligence

After knowing that Kabul Serena hotel had only 2 floors, the social media lit up with jokes about Arnab and his “intelligence sources”. They shared how the Indian agencies might have imagined the hotel in Afghanistan’s capital to look like.

Might be a Portrait and Landscape Issue

The audience also questioned Arnab’s imagination about the location and whether he had seen it or not. Some opined that he might have seen it but probably in pictures that were likely to be turned sideways. This way the said hotel looked like a tall building with 12+ floors.

PTI Spokesperson Joins the Meme Fest

PTI’s Yaqoob joined in the bandwagon of memes by sharing one from his own account. It seemed like someone tried to show how Yaqoob buried the claims of Arnab Goswami through a meme based on a Behind-Scene-Moment on CW TV shows, The Flash and Arrow.

What if ISI was Hiding in Plain Sight?

Listening to Arnab boosted the creativity of the folks who sarcastically went along with his allegation. They remembered how Indian media often accuses Pakistan of using technologies like spy pigeons and inflated balloons to infiltrate India. This led them to jokingly say that ISI might be using stealth technology this time to hide the 5th floor of Kabul Serena Hotel, where it was allegedly staying.

Concern about the Efficiency of Indian Intelligence Agencies

Arnab’s fake claims informed by Indian intelligence agencies are causing concerns among certain factions. Questions have been arising if the Indian intelligence really informed the anchor about the 5th floor of Serena Hotel in Kabul, then it was alarming. They cannot feel safe if security agencies have wrong information and they forward it to media persons who then propagate in front of masses. This way a huge audience is being indoctrinated with lies and hatred against Pakistan.

Moreover, if the anchor was deliberately using the name of intelligence service to push false arguments without accountability, then it was even more alarming.

Indian Media Campaign Against Pakistan

It is not for the first time that Arnab Goswami or any other Indian journalist has faced heat for baseless propaganda. He is notorious for his pro-BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) and anti-Pakistan stance that is aligned with a much larger network of disinformation.

Recently, when the Taliban attacked Panjshir, some Indian channels became more active in trying to somehow implicate Pakistan as pro-Taliban. However, they made foolish mistakes and became the target of criticism.

Goswami’s channel made a huge blunder as the footage is used to depict an “attack on Panjshir Valley” was actually from a video game called Arma-3. A YouTube channel Compared Comparison used the footage to stream gameplay for the viewers in January 2021. It showed the player engaging in a ground-to-air battle as tracer rounds were seen firing at the flying jet.

In another instance, one Indian channel showed the footage of American F-15 flying over Wales and claimed that it was the Pakistan air force invading Afghanistan. However, the fake news already managed to reach the Indian masses before fact-checkers busted it.

The Indian channel received international criticism for making a huge factual mistake. Jet enthusiasts came forward to confirm that it was indeed a US jet that was only flying through Wales. They were alarmed by the Indian media’s troubling behavior for the sake of views or whatever.

It was not clear if Arnab actually knew what he was talking about by mentioning Kabul Serena Hotel. The anchor was probably just trying to somehow undermine the Pakistani guest by saying anything he came up with. Perhaps it stemmed from the same Indian campaign hell-bent on a pattern to discredit Pakistan. Last year in December, European Union Disinfo Lab exposed a massive Indian network whose sole focus was to reduce Pakistan’s image internationally.

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