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Joe Biden Nominates Kamala Harris As Vice President for 2020 Elections

Presidential candidate for US elections 2020, Joe Biden announced that his running mate would be Kamala Harris, a senator from California. It makes her the first ever South Asian American nominee for the role of Vice President.

Who Is Kamala Harris?

Harris has been running for the President as well but dropped out in December 2019 to endorse Biden in March 2020. The first Indian American in the US senate was actively advocating police reforms throughout the ongoing series of protests in the US.

Kamala Devi Harris, 55 is an American lawyer and politician who is serving as a junior senator for the state of California since 2017. She was born in California to an Indian Mother and a Jamaican Father. Her mother died due to colon cancer in 2009. Harris usually quotes her deceased mother in her speeches.

She was instantly viewed as a top contender after joining the presidential race in 2019. She drew 20,000 supporters in her first campaign rally and gained a major boost after attacking Joe Biden in a debate. Previously, she despised Joe Biden for his stance on desegregation busing in schools but her views have distorted over the period and now she became his running mate.

Critics of Harris have argued that she failed to reduce prison population in California as attorney. They added that she also avoided investigation of police shootings. According to records, she has even upheld higher sentences for some wrongful convictions. Kamala Harris defended herself by stating that she was ruthless against gangsters and smugglers but preferred progressive programs for low-level offenders.

What Reaction Has Been There?

Obama seems thrilled to have learned about Kamala’s nomination. Ex-POTUS affirms that Harris is capable to face the responsibilities of Vice President. He is confident that Biden and Harris can win the elections due to the strength of Kamala Harris.

She is set to debate against Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence on 7th October. Many analysts have expected that it would be entertaining like her previous showdowns with other associates of Donald Trump.

Trump campaign took a shot at Harris and Biden by sharing a short video. The video despises the union and shows that both are perfect for each other but bad for America.

Some do not see this development as a good news because of the controversial track record of Kamala Harris. Last year, Tulsi Gabbard, a US representative for the congress of Hawaii read out Kamala’s history of wrongful imprisonment in a democratic presidential debate. The clip was being redistributed again on social media.

It is also not considered an inspirational move because it widely looks like giving up standards to enjoy the spoils of power in the United States of America.

It was important to advise the number of Indians who were irrelevantly excited about the nomination of Joe Biden’s running mate. Probably, her half Indian descent has led them over the board but as many people think, the appropriation does not make sense, especially from India

Kamala Harris Is Gold for Biden Campaign

For better or worse, the nomination of Harris can give Biden campaign a particular direction which it did not have before. Biden did not pick her out of the blue, it was widely predicted that Biden was talking about Harris when he announced to pick a woman for his second ticket. It is also argued that Biden picked her due to her friendship with his son who was also an attorney general.

This opportunity gives Kamala another chance to run campaign trails and prove why she deserved this pick. This nomination surly enhanced her power and Biden’s chances of winning.

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