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Opponents of Death Penalty for Rapists Should be Jailed- Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut in response to a question pertaining to the Nirbhaya case lashed out at a senior female lawyer for opining that rapists should not be sentenced to death. Queen actress expressed her sentiments in response to a question during a promotional event for her upcoming film Panga.

Lawyer Indira Jaising had opined that she was with Asha Devi, the mother of Dehli rape victim but she didnt want a death penalty for them.

Kangana Ranut Wants Rapists to Be Hanged

Kangana Ranaut is very well known for voicing her opinion without giving head to anyone’s feelings. In the past she has been very vocal about various social issues especially those affecting the lives of women.

While commenting on the case the actress questioned why not sentence rapist to death. “People like senior lawyer Indira Jaising should be kept in a jail alongside these monsters if they feel so much sympathy for them and should experience the same kind of pain the victim did”. the actress added.

Why No Death Penalty for Rapists

Just a few days back the senior lawyer while expressing her sympathies for the victim’s family requested the court to wave the death penalty issued as the rapist were underage when they committed the crime.

Matter of sentencing a criminal to a death sentence is debatable. Most of the times, human rights activists argue that punishing criminals and giving them death penalty is not the solution but taking measures for the eradication of crime is.

The fact is evident from the case of Pakistan where criminal of Zainab murder case was given death penalty but still the cases of child molestratin and rape had continued to pop-up.

Growing Rape Cases in India

Between the year 2010 -2012 India was facing one of the worst rape epidemics ever. Reports of women getting raped and murdered were coming from all over the country. Foreign women were the ones most at risk as they had little to no understanding of the local geography and languages. To counter this problem the Indian government introduced stricter laws and improved the security standards.

Nirbhaya rape case is one such incidences that occurred within this time frame. According to the case a female medical student along with her friend boarded a Bus after watching a movie only to get brutally raped till her death. After suffering this horrific ordeal the victim was stripped and thrown out of the bus. As per media reports the court has sentenced the rapist to death through hanging on 1st of February 2020.

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