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Kangana Ranaut Confuses People Wishing Yami Gautam a Happy Wedding

Kangana Ranaut has been shining on Instagram after Twitter kicked her out a month ago for violating social media guidelines. Reportedly, she has been remarking under the comments of other artists who were wishing a newlywed bride. Bollywood actor Yami Gautam recently got married to director Aditya Dhar in a private ceremony with family and close friends. She also shared some lovely pictures on social media.

Everything was going fine until Kangana made her entry in the comments section of Yami’s pictures. Bollywood fans have trolled her hard for her response to Ayushman Khurrana and Vikrant Massey’s comments.

Kangana Ranaut Replies to Vikrant Massey

Even though Kangana has herself appreciated that the bride was looking gorgeous and divine. However, she suddenly became uneven when Yami’s co-star in Ginny Weds Sunny, Vikrant Massey commented about Yami. He said that the actress was looking like Radhe Maa, a self-proclaimed Godwoman involved with families all over India and abroad. Maybe, Kangana thought it was disrespectful which is why she called Massey a cockroach and called upon someone to bring her slipper. It did not sit well with many others who were celebrating the wedding of Yami Gautam and mesmerized by looks. Kangana Ranaut may have hurt their sentiments by using such words for a budding artist who also happened to belong to the most oppressed, crushed, and ostracized caste in India.

Kangana’s Response to Ayushman Khurrana

Yami Gautam’s Vicky Donner co-star Ayushman Khurrana also became one of Kangana’s targets. Khurrana apparently posted a comment consisting of literally 4 words but it invited a lengthy explanation from Kangana. The sad part was that nobody understood what was Kangana trying to say which brought her severe criticism. It seemed that Ayushman mentioned how simple and real was Yami looking in her red traditional dress. The controversial actress hails from the same region as Yami Gautam, Himachal Pradesh. Probably that’s why she thought it would be wise to explain how Yami’s getup was simple yet layered and organic. However, she failed to make her point clear in front of the masses, who assumed that she was somehow trying to be a jerk like always.

The numbers of her critics have immensely grown since her baseless defense of the dangerous Modi regime in India. She has viciously supported the Indian government’s propaganda against the farmers, including a verbal spat with celebrities like Diljit Dosanjh.

Was Kangana Trying to Gain Attention?

Kangana’s comment flew over the heads of the majority, who regretted reading it. She stated that their history was older than time which was also foolish for many.

On the other hand, some thought that Kangana was just trying to gain attention by hijacking Yami Gautam’s special moments.

Memes are inevitable whenever something happens involving Kangana and her problematic views. This time there were many memes regarding her statement on Ayushman’s comment. They mocked her tendency to pick a fight with people without any reason. Here’s one meme making fun of her making inception in the comment section of Yami Gautam’s wedding pictures just to hit others with her best shot.

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