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Kansas City Is Divided Over The Name Change Of A Boulevard

the people of Kansas City are divided over the state council’s decision to change the name of Martin Luther King Jr boulevard to the Paseo. Peaceful protests erupted all over the city.

All Fuss About Kansas City

In January, the Kansas City council decided to change a 10-mile strip of road passing through a black-majority neighborhood to Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard. Prior to this decision, the 10-mile strip was called the Paseo.

Since then, local residents have managed to get a 100 plus signs demanding that the Council’s decision be put to the vote. On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, people gathered to cast their vote and overwhelmingly decided to revert the road name back to the Paseo.

They Went Behind Our Backs

While talking to the media, one voter who was in favor of the reversion said,” the Paseo Boulevard is one of the oldest boulevards in the city and carries great historic value. It’s amongst the first ever roads built in the city. A lot of us have memories associated with this name and place.”

This Is A Good Will Gesture Nothing More

One council member who voted in favor of keeping the name said: “it’s not about following protocols or anything else. This is just a way of honoring the memory of the good doctor who fought for equal rights across the board.”

Another council member had this to say, “this city is the only place in the entire US that has not named a single street after the King who had done so much. The Council’s decision to do so was to improve the image and the bad repute the city had gained as a result.”

Others simply viewed the opposition as an act of racism and expressed anger over the results and the Council’s decision to revert the name back to its old one.

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