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Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Wedding Pictures Go Viral

Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain wedding pictures are becoming popular among the TikTokers as well as the fans of the newly wedded couple. Several social media users are admiring the fact the couple took a great initiative in marrying each other. Also, they are praising the couple’s wedding pictures by sharing them on multiple social platforms. 

Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Wedding Highlights 

Famous TikTok personalities, Zulqarnain Sikandar and Kanwal Aftab tied the knot into a marriage on April 4, 2021. The couple started sharing pictures of their wedding on stories of their social media accounts. Before that, the Sikandar even announced his wedding date on Instagram. Later, Twitter and other platforms filled with best wishes and greetings to the newly married. 

Aftab posted pictures and videos of the ceremonies on her media platform where the fans could see her family and friends celebrating with her. Some fans opined that Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain wedding ceremonies took place according to Indian culture. They sat before each other and the cleric got them married.  

Tiktokers And YouTubers Joined the Wedding

Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Sikandar are among the most famous Tiktokers with millions of followers in Pakistan. This is the reason some other popular persons including Musa Hussain, Warda Javaid, Salman Zameer, and Adil Bajwa, from the TikTok community, also showed up on their special day. Among these famous personalities of Pakistan, Youtuber Daniyal Sohail was also spotted since he made a Vlog of the wedding and posted it online for the fans. 

Is Tiktok Becoming A Marriage Portal?  

TikTok, the Chinese-owned application used for making entertainment videos, has been in highlights many times. A few months back, people were mocking the app for getting banned in Pakistan. They also made fun of the app when Peshawar High Court, Pakistan lifted ban on Tiktok. Now, the same app became a sacred platform that is helping the TikTokers by binding them into a marital relationship. Many people on social media are sharing pictures of other app-users who got married. Aside from Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain wedding, they mentioned the marriage of a Silent girl, a TikToker from Sialkot, Pakistan who married another TikTok personality, Usama Bhalli. Also, the names of certain other TikTokers came up by the people who appreciated that an app is playing a good role in making people fall for each other.
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