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What Does Kanwal Aftab Think About Jannat Mirza?

TikTok star Kanwal Aftab has said few things about her fellow TikTokers including Jannat Mirza. Aftab is the second most followed TikToker in Pakistan after Mirza. Her popularity goes beyond social media and includes several songs and TV shows. Her growing number of fans always want more of her so she volunteered for a Q&A session on Instagram stories.

Aftab shared interesting opinions on Mirza as she did with other TikTokers including Rabeeca Khan, Areeqa Haq, and Zulqarnain Sikandar.

Kanwal Aftab Says Jannat Mirza Has Blocked Her

Kanwal admired the looks of Jannat Mirza at first but then claimed that Jannat has blocked her. Here is the snapshot of Kanwal’s Instagram story:


Top TikTok Star Responds

While everyone was wondering why Jannat Mirza has blocked Kanwal Aftab, there came a twist. The superstar herself responded to Kanwal’s story and accused her of doing the same as well.

Jannat thanked Kanwal for the praise and denied blocking Kanwal. Instead, she claimed that it was Kanwal and her friend Zulqarnain Sikandar who blocked Jannat in the first place.


Total Number Of Followers

These two young women are the most famous TikTokers in Pakistan, who have entertained millions of people devasted by the pandemic. The second highest sensation of the Pakistani TikTok scene has been swiftly closing the gap between her and Mirza. According to the latest records, Aftab has reached 12 million followers on TikTok and 1.2 million on Instagram. On the other hand, Jannat Mirza is standing at 13.8 million TikTok and 2 million Instagram followers.

Past Bans Did Not Affect TikTok’s Popularity

Pakistan banned TikTok last year due to various concerns over obscene content on the video app. Many Pakistanis criticized the government for totally banning an app just because of some ill-educated users on the app. These funny memes sum up the whole story behind the TikTok ban in Pakistan.

The government later unbanned the app with various regulations. It still received criticism from some Pakistanis, as the viewership of this app is highly divided. Some who love TikTok stars thanked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) but those who despise the app’s content, wanted the authority to regret its decision of unbanning the app.

Pakistan’s Vibrant TikTok Scene

Despite the criticism and bans, the popularity of TikTok is increasing dramatically. Earlier it gained a lot of negative response for producing cheap and uncreative content. However, later it gained positive reviews when it allowed coverage to diverse artists that belonged to different social classes. Everybody brought their own unique content which contributed to the variety and the reach of the app.

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