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Refusing to write Merry Christmas on Cakes Lands Karachi Bakeries in Hot Water

Staff members of reputable bakeries in Karachi, Pakistan, refused to write Merry Christmas on Cakes ordered by customers. Social media users called out the bakeries for such shameful religious discrimination on an auspicious occasion of the Christian minority in Pakistan. According to reports, a similar incident happened at two bakeries, Delizia and Auntie Munaver, that cater to the elite class of Pakistan.

Reportedly, the owners termed it an “individual act” by employees, whereas the staff claimed they were “not allowed” to write the phrase on products.

Not Writing Merry Christmas on Cakes for Customers is Discriminatory

Many condemn the display of intolerance against the Christian community on their special holiday. A woman first reported the incident, shocked and disappointed by the employees’ unethical behaviour at these luxury bakeries. The post instantly went viral, and many others called out the bakery owners for being huge bigots. The user shared her frustrating experience at the hands of Delizia bakery employees. She exclaimed that if the bakery employees cannot write Merry Christmas on cakes, they should also stop making money from such occasions. The incident happened at the Khayaban-e-Jamil branch in the elite neighbourhood of DHA. Some wondered if this was the case in wealthy communities; poor minorities would be going through much worse at this time of the year.

What Message Does It Send About Pakistan?

The decision to not write Merry Christmas on cakes showed the same biased and discriminatory mindset of a few Pakistani elements. Some also came to defend the decision of bakeries but were soon faced with shut up calls. Christian users applauded the digital age so that the internet could learn about their first-hand experiences.

Some Muslims also wished Christmas to the bakeries in question. They educated them that if Muslims cannot tolerate minority religions in Pakistan, how can they expect others to treat Muslims differently in foreign countries.

The Forgotten State

Besides ordinary citizens, Pakistani celebrities were also offended by bakeries for refusing to write Merry Christmas on cakes. VJ Anoushey Ashraf posted an Instagram story that it was the staff’s job to decorate the cake for customers regardless of who the customer was and what religion he belonged to. If the businesses hate minorities so much, they should explicitly mention that they would only serve Muslims so they cannot get money from other religions. Actress Ramsha Khan reminded everyone how the establishment of Pakistan was based on respect for minority communities, but the majority ignored that and created their separate rules.

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