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Fans Share Karachi Kings Memes To Celebrate New History at PSL 7

Karachi Kings (KK) made history in PSL 7 by getting knocked out after losing 8 consecutive matches. KK fans might not be happy with the results but the rest of the country was overjoyed. They have been sharing countless Karachi Kings memes to mock the team that always finished in the top 4 since the beginning of the tournament.

The supporters of KK were disappointed ever since the 2022 season started. Few even dubbed them the worst team of PSL 7. Every other team in the tournament outplayed them. Islamabad United handed them their final defeat of the tournament on Valentine’s Day.

Can Karachi Kings Memes Improve Friendship Between Cities?

Before KK, Lahore Qalandars (LQ) held the record of most consecutive defeats in a single PSL season. They lost 6 consecutive games in PSL 2018 and became a punching bag for the fans of other teams. Ironically, KK fans were at the forefront who shared scathing memes on LQ’s losses. Fans of both cities often engaged in heated banter on social media. However, now its LQ fans turn to serve revenge cold with Karachi Kings memes.

One Man Carrying Entire Team

Even the captain of Pakistan’s international team, Babar Azam was not safe from Karachi Kings memes. Azam bagged the Cricketer of the Year title at ICC Awards 2021 with his exceptional performance this year. However, he was unable to save his side from the ultimate disappointment. Many had a lot of expectations from him but he was not in his best form in the entire tournament. Moreover, one man cannot carry the entire team.

Losing Streak

Most Karachi Kings memes made fun of the losing streak because it was rare for the team of this calibre. Nobody would have expected that a powerhouse including names such as Babar Azam, Imad Wasim, Mohammad Amir, Lewis Gregory, and Joe Clarke would fall without winning a single match. It turned out to be quite funny for the cricket fans.

Distributing Points to Everyone

Many shared funny Karachi Kings memes to describe how they were only there for others to use as a step. Instead of winning themselves, KK merely became an outlet for its competitors to score easy 2 points.

Pride Came Before Fall

Some fans also remembered how KK fans and its management used to make fun of LQ’s losses. However, during LQ’s bad spell, they at least won 1 or 2 matches. KK and ARY owner Salman Iqbal once trolled LQ by calling them “Bicharey” in a media interview. At that time KK was winning more matches than LQ so was proud to hold this advantage. But now the pages have turned and fans have slammed the phrase back to KK.

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