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Karbala, Tale Of Victory Beneath The Disguise of Sacrifice

Karbala is the city of Iraq where the battle of Karbala was fought by the Muslims against the brutal Muslim caliphate on 10 Muharram 61 AH. Two of the greatest personalities Hazrat Imam Hussain and his brother Abbas Ibn Ali fought the battle of Karbala against the Fallacious caliphate of Yazid ibn Muawiya, grandson of Abu Syffiyan.

This Battle was a result of the outstanding bravery by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)’s grandson Hazrat Imam Hussain R.A. Imam Hussain was forced to accept the false caliphate of Yazid Bin Muawiya and along with his 79 followers, including women and children were trapped in Kufa for 2 days without water and food. No one in this whole universe can imagine the immense pain and the denial of accepting the water as a trade of accepting the invalid caliphate of the venomous ruler Yazin Ibn Muawiya. Imam Hussain fulfilled his commitment with his grandfather along with his tribe and gave the sacrifice of his own family and followers including Ali Akbar, Ali Asghar who was just six months old and his nephews Qassim, Aun, and Muhammad were killed.

Karbala “The Eternal Sacrifice”

The world has never seen such a catastrophic and tragic sacrifice before. Mythologies of every other religion deny the occurrence of any such incident before in their histories. Live is a fragile string attached to an unrecognizable pillar. But Imam Hussain and his followers told the world that there is no such string or pillar which can steal the power of human sacrifice. They proved that the life is not the name of breathing, in fact, it is the valor of eradicating the string from the pillar and fighting for freedom even after death. In the worst phase of their lives, every single person even the newborn babies offered their souls to save the soul of Islam till the day of judgment.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Regard For Imam Hussain R.A

Not only Muslims but people all around the world praise this act of magnificent bravery and valor by the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, Imam Hussain Ibn Ali R.A. Once Mahatma Gandhi, nation builder of India said that India should follow the footsteps of Imam Hussain R.A to get success in future. He also stated that if he had the same strength which Hussain’s army had he would have won the freedom for India just in 24 hours.

Statement By Charles Dickens About Karbala

Stating a very general point of view we observe that this sacrifice of Hussain is remembered in golden words by the historians also. And for all those who think that this battle for fought due to Hussain’s desire, Charles Dickens gave an utterly beautiful logic

“If Husain had fought to quench his worldly desires…then I do not understand why his sister, wife, and children accompanied him. It stands to reason therefore, that he sacrificed purely for Islam.”

Scenario Of Karbala Motivated Nelson Mandela

The message of Imam Hussain was love for the sacrifice on the name of Allah. He told humanity that giving up is never an option. His followers told this universe the ultimate meaning of intense unity. Nelson Mandela one of the most admired politicians around the globe, while explaining his emotions as a prisoner explained his reason for not giving up in a beautiful way. He told that he was imprisoned for 20 years and in those years there came a night when he decided to give up and sign the agreement with the government. But then he thought the scene in which Imam Hussain and fighters of Karbala fought lost their lives but rejected the offer of Yazid Ibn Muawiya. This gave him the strength to fight for the truth and freedom, so he did!

Imam Hussain’s message needs to be delivered to all the Muslims. His sacrifice is counted above all sacrifices and his fight against evil is the most sacred and pure fight any soldier can ever fight. Karbala still mourns for Hussain and Abbas, nights are darker and days are like nights whenever anyone imagines the state of all those people who gave everything to fulfill their promise with Islam.

شاہ است حُسین بادشاہ است حُسین
دیں است حُسین دیں پناہ است حُسین

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