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Karim Benzema Sex Tape Case Enters Trial After 5 Years

Karim Benzema sex tape case came to light 5 years ago. According to latest media reports, Real Madrid forward is going to face trial for attempting to blackmail former France teammate over a private video. In 2015 Benzema allegedly paid some people to extort money from Matthieu Valbuena by threatening to make the video public.

Alleged blackmailers called Valbuena with the threats and he contacted the police. The affair went viral and created troubles for both players involved.

This is not for the first time that some athlete has been caught in any such case. Previously, Boxer Amir khan was also caught doing sexual activity in front of a computer screen.

Valbuena and Benzema Sex Tape Scandal Ends Their International Career

France Football Team immediately banned both of them from playing with international team. French Coach at that time, Didier Deschamps also did not select them for EURO 2016 Championship in their home ground, where Portugal defeated them in the finals.

Benz and Valbuena also missed the opportunity to be a part of the most ethnically diverse French team that won 2018 FIFA World Cup against Croatia.

The Defendant Denies Any Mischievous Activity

Benzema had denied all allegations throughout the years. His lawyer told the media that the charges against his client were just conspiracy. He further added that Benz had nothing to do with this case and decision to try him is absurd.

Valbuena’s lawyer has argued that Benzema’s trial is a logical proceeding as scandal involves various people. Reportedly, 4 more unnamed individuals are summoned in this case.

The striker has faced several media questions over this issue in 5 years. He accused Valbuena of wrongly dragging his name through the mud. In 2017 media interview, he said that they were the worst enemies for more than a half year. He alleged that Valbuena took him as a thug or a bad guy so tried to punish him and degrade his family’s name.

Carrying On With The Game

Despite getting permanently banned from playing international, the Real Madrid star maintained success with the Los Blancos. He has made 533 appearances and has scored 261 goals with Madrid. Luckily, Real Madrid teammates were not bothered about the Benzema sex tape scandal so he played on confidently.

He took lead in a prominent role, left empty by Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus. He successfully contributed in Zinedine Zidane’s revolutionary vision to win yet another title for Real Madrid, and this time without the beast, Ronaldo.

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